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Regular readers will be familiar with this site’s more than 3,000 pages of product reviews, tutorials, travel articles and photographs. You may also know that Chris Sanderson and I publish a DVD-video based publication calledThe Luminous Landscape Video Journal. Each issue contains more than two hours of broadcast quality video content, consisting of interviews with famous photographers, travel segments and tutorials. These DVDs play on any computer system or desk top DVD player, anywhere in the world.

During 2006 we also started publishing what some callVideoblogs. These are short and informal online video presentations available as on-line video. A series was produced with reports fromPhotokina,and more are on the way. These brief videos are provided without charge. They are not done with the production quality and values of our professionally produced DVDs, but are designed to provide the type of content that is better suited to video rather than text presentation.

For quite a few years we have also been providingpreview video clipsof selected content from current and past issues ofThe Video Journal.


Free Subscription

With the growing popularity of online video content we have now made it easier for visitors to this site to access these free streaming videos and to know when new ones become available.

All of our free streaming videos,videoblogs as well as preview clips, are now listed on a single page, and may be played directly from that page. These are inQuicktimeformat. (A free Quicktime download is available forWindowsandMacs).

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This same page allows you to subscribe to various specific podcatchers. You’ll be able to select from more than a half dozen different popular services.ITunesusers can simply go toAdvancedtab in Itunes, selectSubscribe to Podcast, and then paste the open window. Whichever way you do it, you’ll now receive new Luminous Landscape Vodcasts, Videblog’s or whatever you want to call them, as soon as they’re placed online.


While this site and our Vodcasts are free, and the site is completely ad free
we do depend on your purchases and subscriptions to
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