Monument Valley Images

January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann

This section contains photographs taken by members of theApril, 2000 Monument Valley Landscape Photography Workshop. Included as well is a portfolio by co-instructorSteve Kossack. Photographs taken by workshop leader Michael Reichmann can be foundhere.

Monument Valley Workshop Group, 2000

Chi Cheung, Lee Carney, Michael Reichmann (kneeling), Steve Chan, Steve Kossack, Gary McMillan, Ed Carmick, Chris Sanderson, Tom Simms

Taken outside Gouldings Lodge on the morning after the workshop, as we prepared to return to Las Vegas and to our flights home. The morning had turned gray and rainy but we didn’t care, because though the previous 3 days had been intensive we were all leaving with some great memories, and hopefully some strong photographs as reward for our efforts.

Shooting in Monument Valley, 2000

Steve Kossack, the workshop’s co-instructor (foreground) and Chris Sanderson (a film maker who is recording my location shoots and workshops for a forthcoming video project) are seen working a hillside shortly after dawn, along with workshop members Chi Cheung and Steve Chan.

WorkshopMember’s Photographs

Steve Chan’s Portfolio

Lee Carney’s Portfolio

Tom Simms Portfolio

Ed Carmick’s Portfolio

Chi Cheung’s Portfolio

Steve Kossack’s Photographs

Workshop co-instructor Steve Kossack’s photographs and commentary are foundhere.

Monument Valley Moonrise, 2000

We had the chance to capture images at just the right time of the month, with a full moon rising at sunset and with six workshop members who for the most part had never seen or experienced this landscape before. All we needed was the photography gods to smile on us. It think they did. I think I did also…… I think wealldid!

Taken with a Canon EOS 1N and Canon 28-70 2.8L lens with Tiffen Enhancer and Sing-Ray 3 stop hard split neutral density filter

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