On Second Thought

On Second Thought

Some weeks after first reviewing my film from this trip I spent an afternoon going over them again to see if there was anything special that I might have missed. There wasn’t. But there were a couple of photographs that deserve to do more than sit in a box on a shelf, so here they are.

Cliffside, Grand Canyon‚ May, 2000

One of the frustrations of the trip was to drift past spectacular photographic opportunities at about 5 miles an hour. Slow‚ but ultimately too quick for anything more than snapshots. Nevertheless some of them are lovely snapshots.

Photographed with a Canon EOS-1V and 100~400mm f/5.6L IS lens on Fuji Provia 100F

Cactus, Grand Canyon‚ May 2000

The overwhelming physical sensation inside the Grand Canyon is that of heat. This photograph encapsulates for me the aridness and intensity of the physical environment.

Photographed with a Canon EOS-1V and 24mm f/3.5L IS lens on Fuji Provia 100F