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We are used to reading and viewing a range of commentary when it comes to art, literature and politics. Yet somehow, when it comes to photographic equipment, if someone gores your own favourite sacred cow (to mix a metaphor) the sky starts to fall – or at least so it seems whenever I criticize a new product (or at least when I’m the first to do so).

It is therefore with some trepidation that I publish this Videoblog from Photokina. I’m sure that these product’s fans will throw a hissy fit – but, we saw what we saw, and so there’s no point in holding back.

My colleague Walter and I were quite astonished at the poor image quality shown by sample display prints in both company’s booths. Yes, they superficially looked big and bright, but up close and with a critical eye, images from both new cameras left a lot to be desired.

Of course this is not any sort of product or image quality review. We simply spent a half hour in each booth looking at the cameras, chatting with booth personnel, and especially closely examining sample prints. As I mention in the Videoblog, one has to assume that prints on display in a manufacturer’s booth at the world’s largest trade show, at the time of product introduction, are going to be of as high quality as possible. If that was the case with theSD14andS5 Pro, then there is reason to be concerned. Actual product reviews will follow when sample cameras are available. At that time we’ll know if these image quality concerns remain valid or not.

October 1 , 2006 – Running Time 5′ 17 "  

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