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This is aPhotoshoptutorial.

One of the aspects of digital image processing that causes a great deal of confusion is the many different ways that are available to sharpen digital files. I have written a description of how most pros do sharpening using LAB mode, in my tutorialInstant Photoshop.

A popular program for doing a better job of sharpening isnik Sharpener Pro. Then there is a novel technique that I recently published that usesHigh Pass Sharpening.

Now,John Brownlowprovides us with a fascinating though somewhat complex new technique for accomplishing "intelligent" sharpening.

INTRODUCTIONSharpening is a fact of life for photographers who output digitally. Both digital cameras and film scanners produce digital images which are subtly (or not!) softer than the optical images they are derived from. The answer to this softening is sharpening, and most digital images receive at least some sharpening at some point in the work flow. In particular, ...

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