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September 12, 2010 ·

Michael Reichmann

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Wow – what an amazing journal. The interviews are just great, such dynamic and fantastic people in it. Such an inspiration;love the whole lot, really good stuff.

I am sure you hear this time after time again, but I had to say it. I really look forward to get these DVDs…each time is such giant step forward. Thanks!

What a terrific video! It almost felt like being there with Bill, Charlie and crew. Having been to many of the same places (even recognizing specific locations), it was a pleasure to see how a more trained eye photographs the “same site.”

Aside from the beauty of the locations and photos, I very much enjoyed the technical aspects of Brooks’ folios. We should all use his methods for presenting / documenting our prints.

I found this issue to be very inpsiring! Bill Atkinson’s daugher’s comment was really neat. I’ve only seen 14, 15, and now 16 but for some reason 16 stands out to me as being focused more on the intangible artistic side. The kind of thing that shows when someone really loves what they do and wants others to share in that. Good job!

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I love the journal by the way. For a beginner like me it’s like having my own professional standard mentor for each of the disciplines and applications of photography. Keep up the good work!

Having just had a chance to look at LLVJ#15 I think that you and your team has surpassed yourselves this time. The technical segments are highly relevant – and do I need to add good? And the one hour segment on Bangladesh is absolutely breathtaking… thanks for being an inspiration to many.

I have to tell you how absolutely gorgeous your Bangladesh piece is on the latest LLVJ. You have such a good eye. Congratulations on another masterpiece.

I just received the latest Video Journal. It is, as usual, wonderful. The coverage of Bangladesh is just amazing. What a beautiful looking people and country. The video gives a really excellent ‘as if you were there’ kind of view and is a credit to Chris. Your print review with Andrew is great as is the interview with Brooks Jensen, I look forward to the rest of it. Bill Atkinson makes colour management sound easy, he is refreshing. Let’s have more from him.

I have just finished watching Issue 15 of your excellent Video Journal and I wanted to tell you that the video article on Bangladesh was superb. Unlike too many other reports that deal with Bangladesh you did not over emphasise the poverty of the country, nor did you ignore it. You allowed the dignity of these people to come through whilst showing the true conditions in which they live. The images were/are beautiful and … the video of Bangladesh was beautiful. Thank you so much for this quality Journal. Thank you also for the interviews, I get so much out of them, not just the understanding of technical issues, but also further insights into the art of photography. As always, keep up this excellent work.

Just wanted to say – two thumbs way up! This was definitely the best yet, and I really enjoyed the trip section! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun and it shows in your photos and enthusiasm for sure. I’m still amazed at some of the shots that you guys picked up on, viewing the video, then seeing how you ‘saw’ some of the shots to produce. Great camera work and editing too, by far the best yet! 

I came across Luminous Landscape on the web late last year. I ordered two issues of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal that seemed interesting to me on December 23, 2005. I got them only a couple of days later and boy was I thrilled by what I saw! The issues appealed very strongly to me both from an artistic and technical side. In my view this is a unique resource of lasting value.

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On Jan 5, 2006 I ordered a subscription for four issues and another set of three recent issues. It was a pleasure to receive the recent issues quickly and I enjoyed watching them over the week. The same high quality of material that allowed me to increase my understanding of many aspects of photography ranging from practical equipment advice, introduction the work of leading photographers, technical reviews to photographic workflow and
photos and video from some of the most beautiful places on Earth. I then waited for the new issue of Luminous Landscape Video Journal to show up and bring yet another pleasurable viewing experience

When the LLVJ #14 arrived with it’s companion Lightroom Tutorial I watched them at the earliest opportunity. Great stuff! I only wished there was more. So on March 20 2006, taking advantage of the “yearly promotion”, I bought all the remaining issues Luminous Landscape Video Journal that had been published. So I am now the proud owner of the entire set!

Luminous Landscape Video Journal in my view has lasting value. It has taught me a lot of photography in general but is an indispensable resource for the digital photographer. For me subscription to the Luminous Landscape Video Journal and access to the Luminous Landscape web-site has meant raising my hobby to a new level.

Michael has inspired me to pursue the art of photography. The LLVJ is just like having Michael as my personal guide every quarter. I would gladly pay to have it published more often.

Issue 14 is once again, terrific. The interview with Clyde Butcher makes the issue one of the best – ever. Well done.

A truly superb piece of work!! I love the way you do your interviews and Clyde’s was phenomenal. I am really enjoying the print reviews it (believe it or not) is a GREAT way for me to pick up excellent compositional tips. And finally, you and Jeff did a superb job explaining LightRoom, I am eager to try to Windows version

Finally, good job getting some of the interesting manufacturing/yield data from Phase 1. Very interesting for sure, am surprised they would be so forthcoming.

I recently became a subscriber to your video journal, and what can I say? I just love it. I have watched the back issues I ordered with great enjoyment. Makes me wish I started subscribing a long time ago.

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the latest Video Journal, in particular the segments with Clyde Butcher and Phase One. Your visit to Phase One in Denmark has produced more insight into medium
format digital than any other source (with the exception of the Luminous Landscape website). The three segments (including the two on the last issue of the video journal) combined are a fine piece of journalism. The access and openness afforded you were remarkable, and more sense was spoken than anything I’ve read in printed magazines.

Clyde Butcher’s segment was again a fine piece of journalism and entertainment. It’s good to see coverage of traditional processes such as (ultra) large format photography. Similarly, the previous items with Ctein
and Mike Robinson were eye openers. You rarely see this sort of coverage in mainstream photographic journals. Thanks for a great site and a great journal.

Once again, I think this issue of LLVJ is really great. Watched it again last night. What really struck me this time, apart from the superb imagery, is the technological kaleidoscope one travels through between the Florida Everglades and Copenhagen – from the immense to the nano. It was so refreshing to see Clyde Butcher’s focused, down-to-earth and pragmatic technical approach to his art – a true master; then fast forward to Copenhagen and the painstaking construction of the most sophisticated digital capture devices available to mankind. All this was truly an eye-opener and I really appreciate the effort you make to get to know these folks, visit with them, and collaborate with them to create these wonderful video essays that Chris has so artfully produced.

I have been a disciple of your web site and a great admirer of your images for some months since I clicked on the link on Photoshopnews. This admiration has prompted me to buy your entire video series which I am now working my way through. They are outstanding in almost every respect – clear straightforward well-executed and just the right balance of information and example. It is very clear that you have an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience and a great eye. Normally this would lead to arrogance or a tendency to patronise or show off but I have seen no evidence at all that you could even think like that. Very well done and I heartily commend your site and the journal to any one who asks at whatever level.

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Visually, #13 is way and beyond all the previous journals. The color is fantastic and very sharp, especially when viewed on my tv. One of the best fetures is the slide show.

The segment (Luminous Landscapes) where Michael and guests sit around the table and comment on a portfolio of images is really really helpful. The free ranging discussion by the image maker and visually aware photographers was fascinating. Why was the shot taken? What can you do to improve it? Great stuff! And being able to see one man’s body of work makes it even more interesting. Also, the new concept of showing each print during the discussion and on screen as a postscript gives the viewer ample time to savour each image.

The African segment highlights how the VJ has matured over the last little while. The music is interesting and appropriate. The video is generous in terms of variety of material and most especially, the segment is paced in a leisurely way that allows the landscape to breath and gives the viewer a sense of “real time” and real place.
I really like the concept of Michael and Andy sitting around talking about the prints, showing their varying styles while the video visits the same scenes. And again, being able to see all the prints in the coda is just wonderful.

Michael and Chris, you’ve hit your stride, technically and stylistically with the video journal concept. It sure works for me.

I just received the “Big Kahuna” package from Fed Ex. I wanted to briefly let you know how happy I am with my purchase.

First, the customer service was incredible. Steven was very prompt and courteous in our email exchanges. The product was shipped much quicker than I expected. Please pass along my thanks to him for providing such excellent service.

Second, the content and quality of the video journal far exceeds my expectations! Part of the reason I ordered the whole series vs. just ordering the current issue as a trial were the customer comments. I cannot mention convincingly enough how much I have enjoyed the programming. Not only have I learned a great deal about making better photos, but am more informed about equipment. I can say that the video journal will most certainly save me from wasting money because I will make better purchases.

Thank you for your contribution to the photography community. I look forward to issue number 14 with great eagerness.

The latest issue of the Video Journal is awesome. As a charter subscriber, I greatly enjoy this series. I really like the tutorials on the past 2 issues. Keep up the good work.

Having just completed my first full year of subscription, I decided to provide some feedback on the publication.

The Luminous Landscape Video Journal is one of the best and most reasonable expenditures for regularly increasing my knowledge and expertise in the digital photography area, as well as stimulating future creativity. Each issue provides new experiences, latest unique equipment reviews, and outstanding interviews – all from a “trusted friend” and great teacher. This is a great vehicle for continuously elevating my technical and creative skills. I highly recommend subscribing to the Luminous Landscape Video Journal.

Wow, what an exceptional job on this!! (VJ-#13). I liked the entire issue, but I have to say the section on Africa was out of this world. The music was perfect, Chris’s video was stunning, and Michael and Andy talking about their prints, sharing their thinking about how to photograph what they were seeing was simply marvelous.

I wanted to pass on a big vote of appreciation to Michael Reichmann and everyone involved in producing and supporting the LLVJ. It is indeed a unique production in my experience
— I have never seen or heard of anything like it. All too often things are unique, but not in a good way. :~) Fortunately this is far from the truth with the LLVJ.
I took the plunge and ordered a subscription with all back issues, and over the past few weeks I have been watching them front to back. I have been very impressed with the content. It has really met and in many cases exceeded my initial expectations. While the technical reviews are perhaps the most dated component of the previous issues, even they
have been interesting to watch to gain a sense of perspective on the velocity and direction of photographic technology, especially digital, in the past few years.
I’ve found exceptional value in every other aspect of the content — location segments, interviews, tutorials, photo critiques, the list goes on and on. I have found the material both instructional and inspirational. I have particularly enjoyed the interplay between Michael and the other photographers and interviewees — this element really brings the series alive, and makes it so much more than just a straight forward educational series on technique for example. The end of each issue has left me anticipating more. In fact the bad
news for you all at LLVJ HQ, if there is any, is that now I have setthe bar for future excpectations very high! :~)
Thanks again and I eagerly look forward to many more value-packed issues of the LLVJ in the future.

Just viewed the new LLVJ13 from beginning to end. I learn more about photography, both artistic and technically, from LLVJ than any other source I know. Your part #2 of workflow has just solved many problems I am experiencing. Great work, again!

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Michael Reichmann

Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape. Michael passed away in May 2016. Since its inception in 1999 LuLa has become the world's largest site devoted to the art, craft, and technology of photography. Each month more than one million people from every country on the globe visit LuLa.

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