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September 12, 2010 ·

Michael Reichmann

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I was having a hard time getting solid and valid information. I hit by chance your site. I’ve been an avid reader ever since. I subscribed and received issue #12. The workflow explained in a simple way a complex issue and gave a simple solution that saved me more than 1000$ in a light temperature reader that a local shop said that it was the only solution …

Although I have visited your site many times over the years, I am only a recent Video Journal subscriber – and I love ’em. I have almost watched them all now.
I had thought, when I subscibed, that I would really find the tech stuff best – and that’s why I did it. Well, they are good – but as it turns out, the best part of the series are the interviews. WOW. They are informative, interesting and so inspiring. Tech stuff can be gotten from books etc too – but nowhere can you really capture a photographer’s thought/opinions/soul etc without seeing it – body language and words. Thanks for a great, great series.

Well we just finished the disc (#12)…WOW is all I can say – what an awesome disc! Certainly ranks in the top 10 of my entire collection, and certainly something I’m sure I will re-watch many times and use for reference in the future.
I picked this up specifically because you have your suggestions of a digital workflow in it, something that I am always looking to improve myself. I was smiling to myself as you confirmed much of what I do, and I was thrilled to learn new things as well as have a better understanding of others – thank you very much! You guys are a great team – a solid combo of an excellent teacher/instructor, plus a very talented camera man. Most of this disc could certainly have just as much been airing on PBS, Discovery or TLC.

The amount of content on the disc is staggering – I don’t mean that it has great compression – I mean the pure content gleaned from it is astounding! I NEVER expected this much for $20! It was litterally 2x as long as I expected, a real treat!

The whole daguerotype segment was really cool. I had no idea anything like that even existed. The first 10 minutes of the segment I was less than impressed, because I thought they were just photographs. When I saw what they REALLY were I was blown away! I had to pause and rewind when the colored rose arraingement was being shown close-up…what a WONDERFUL item to produce and have – I can only imagine what something like that really looks like. I’m sure the TV doesn’t do it justice at all. Even on the TV though, they looked real, and oh so beautiful.

Keep it up guys, and two huge thumbs up! You are going to kill me, waiting for the next one. Can we clone you guys to have you work on more than one project at once perhaps? Or maybe you need a new employee to help you out 😉 I know one that’s interested – LOL

To anyone that hasn’t ordered – DO IT even if this is just a passing hobby for you – it’s a REALLY cool disc, and the best $20 I’ve spent in a looooong time!Just sat through the latest video journal and was (as always) blown away with the quality and the amount of information. Great mix of good technical tips, stunning images,,, and interesting interviews. I never cease to learn from your work and this was no exception.

Well, I came home this afternoon to find that Issue 12 was in the mail. Sweet! I spent about 4 hours watching it, nonstop, ate a few slices of pizza along the way as well.

This issue simply rocked.

As a former video guy/filmmaker/editor/DP, I must say, towards the ending of the national park segment, where you intercut between talking about the prints, and remembering how the images were taken by going back to the site of the shoot, was just masterful to me. I felt like I was watching the ending of a suspenseful film. It just got to me for some reason.

The whole issue was put together very well, and there’s almost too much information to take in all at once. It’s great.

The most important thing that these video journals do for me, is that just for a few hours, I forget about megapixels, and camera wars, and the pixel peeping that goes on throughout the Internet, and watching these landscapes come to life makes me just want to grab any old camera, and go out and shoot something, anything. Thanks Mike!

Love the Video Journal. Stunning photography, you are a credit to the art.

Congratulations on Volume 12. Masterfully educational with inspirational images. I was glued to it the whole evening. I particularly appreciated your analyses of the photos in the various segments…

Yesterday I received the LLVJ-12 DVD. Thank you for that. I ordered this single issue just to see, “evaluate” and determine whether the content of the Luminous Landscape Video Journal would be of any value
to me.

Having watched the video yesterday evening I really was impressed. I must compliment you for the quality and value of the content, as well as the quality of the technical production of the video itself. Being a visitor of your website for quite some time now I can only regret that I did not earlier subscribed for the Video Journal.

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I’ve been a subscriber to the Video Journal for over a year, and have also purchased every back issue.  What a great motivator you are! It just makes me want to pick up my camera, leave the house and start shooting … anywhere or anything. My mind seems filled with ideas, and some of my best work has come soon after watching a segment.

I bought a full subscription and some previous issues. I’m blown away at how good this is! Very well produced, the delivery is extremely friendly and seeing your work gets the pulse racing.

I just received the new Issue 11 of LL. Fantastic as usual. I watch it from start to finish and I am amazed. I love the new section where you go through the pictures and explain how you did them, I learn a TON from that.

I received Issue #11 last night.  Of course, I had to play the entire DVD from start to finish.  You and Chris have really outdone yourselves!  This issue has something for everyone.  The travel segment was wonderful and the new Luminous Landscapes segment was a great addition.  Ctein’s demonstration of the dye transfer printing process was truly fascinating. (I now appreciate my Epson printer even more).

This is indeed your best issue yet. (#11). A very leisurely exploration of your Costa Rican workshop. Lots of time to explore the various environments visually. I especially like the way you show the prints. No more of that blowing in the wind, and poor outdoor light on the paper. The prints are integrated into the video and commentary, then repeated full frame at the end of the segment. Good work.

Ctein must be one of the more eccentric members of our extended photographic fraternity. Again, thanks to Michael for giving him his due, in terms of a leisurely interview and essentially real time session in his darkroom as we experience the magic of dye transfer printing. Fascinating.

Lets have more of these “master classes” with photographic luminaries.

Michael–you’ve finally worked out the bugs and found your “voice” in this issue of the video journal. Bravo, dude!

I ordered the whole package….every dvd that’s out. I was totally impressed. I recieved my first edition the day I returned from a week in Yellowstone. I only wish I had recieved it before I went. The quality of the work inspires me to be a better photographer.

I subscribe to the Video Journal and it is one of the best things going. It is like a private window into the world of photography and I wait for each issue with baited breath. The lessons are out of this world and the scenery is breath taking. It is really something special to be coveted. I am surprised there isn’t a run on them. A magazine pales compared to the Video Journal, it is a live adventure in photography that is a very exciting thing to participate in.

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I got more useful information out of that video that I get out of a year’s worth of any photo magazine I subscribe to. I’m an advanced amateur (with 30 years of photo experience) but don’t have time to test and research every camera, lens, or gizmo that comes along. I truly appreciate Michael’s work on the web site and on the Video Journal. Thanks.

I recently purchased issue 10 of your LLVJ through the $14.95 promotional deal. I was completly blown away by the quality of the production and the content.
I loved every minute and I’ve now told my wife what I want for father’s day!

I purchased your video journal, this month�s issue; having purchased similar products from other people and sadly being disappointed with the content, the main reason being lots of wordy articles and topics that offer no real purpose. However, I am delighted with your journal. It is succinct and allows the viewer virtual hands on experience of real live participation. I am impressed enough that I will be sending my yearly subscription. Thank you for offering an honest product that delivers what it sets out to do.

The latest Journal is great; it seems to get better with each issue. I particularly enjoyed the scanning back interview, even though I have no intention of doing this kind of work. The dialog on ethics and artistic freedom in this segment was priceless. I also liked the parts with Steve; after attending his Death Valley workshop earlier this year I understand a lot more of what makes you guys tick, and I appreciate what you are doing for photography in general and my understanding of it in particular.

I just wanted to say I greatly enjoyed watching the new issue of Video Journal. Much really good info, enticing locales to consider visiting, and a nicely improved DVD format all contributed, but seeing that elk & magpie image come to life was simply — extraordinary. Thank you.

…a near perfect example of how the DVD medium should be used..I normally shy away from “talking head experts” but Michael’s expertise, demeanour and presentation is superb and at all times non-patronising and non-irritating… The camera and lighting is photographic… and audio is perfect with natural levels and no muzak!…all-in-all a great product, crew, presenter and contributors.

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I have just purchased all 9 of your DVD’s. I’ve watched parts of three of them and they are fantastic. One of my favorite segments so far is the Yellowstone/Grand Teton shoot. Wow —- I felt like I was right there with you. It’s great the way you go back and forth between the live video & your “final prints and comments.” I also enjoyed the segment on the Epson 2200 printer, as I recently purchased that printer.

I want to compliment you on the VJ, which I have enjoyed immensely. Recent segments like Iceland and Yellowstone can really get the juices flowing. In particular, I would like to compliment Chris Sanderson and Steve Sauve. The cinematography and music is wonderful and adds greatly to the impact and enjoyment of the segments. Steve has some catchy
riffs that are hard to get out of your mind (my wife calls them “music worms”). She is not a photographer (yet), but likes the shoots as a travelogue.

Looking forward to Issue #10!!!

Recently I was able to spend a long weekend with my brother in law in Kansas City. I had “turned him on to” the Luminous Landscape and he had done me one better by becoming a subscriber to the Video Journal. During that weekend we watched all nine issues together. I was simply stunned at the professionalism, relevance and humanity in the Video Journal. It has already improved my photography and I’ll be joining shortly to take advantage of future issues. Indeed, I feel as if I got to know you, and Steve, and Alain and John, while watching these compelling pieces of work. I’m not a gushy person by nature, but please accept my thanks for all you do for this community and those of us who admire your work, your lifestyle and the good honest work you do in our service. Keep it coming!

Very informative and professionally done, I can only dream of going to the places you visit. The CD�s are done so well, I feel as though I am there with you and your crew. I view some of the CD�s several times because I am so emotionally moved with the scenery captured and presented.Thank you for an excellent format and I wish you and your staff many years of success!

Thank you for enabling us to accompany you on your shooting adventures which are really fantastic. You have been doing a great job in mixing video and photography, and with perfection. Congratulations to you and your team.

A quality product and very entertaining & educational. Based on this issue, I intend to subscribe for the year. Thanks for the effort you put into you web site.

I sat here playing back the DVD and set-up my Epson 2200, profiles, and Photoshop printing workflow, perfectly, out of the box.

That would have been a complete nightmare with the crap provided by Epson and Adobe.

The alternative is to surf the web for advice and get a million conflicting opinions because no one take the time to go through the entire thing.

Michael explains the entire operational process – including screen shots.

Other instructional area include scene lighting, saturation, papers and inks, field support systems, field data backup, etc…

These are the things that make me so high on LLVJ. The travelogs only make me jeolous (heh heh). The equipment review are most interesting though because I am very interested in the same type of equipment. I’ve grown to understand that you get what you pay for (and why).

I think it’s worth the subscription price just to see some of the images. It’s interesting to see them on site working, and looking at the final product. That alone has taught me a lot.

I’m always impressed with your videography. The post work is also top-notch.

Keep up the great work! I have been impressed by not only the content of videos but also the production quality.

I have to say that the Yellowstone part was the best one you have made. The only thing wrong with the DVD is that it is too long time between them.

Hurried home to view #9. I find only one continuing disappointment – the beginning and end are too close together. I thoroughly enjoy each moment and each image. Congratulations to Michael, Chris and the other contributors – your hard work is really appreciated.

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