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Harman Gloss and Traditional Gelatin Silver Papers
The Past, Present and Future 

Essay and Photographs by Richard Lohmann
I would like to begin with a story about a French wine glass called Les Impitoyables. In a recent conversation, a vintner named Michael Trupiano described a glass specifically designed for white wines, and this story makes a point that seems applicable to digital photography. He explained that some white wines are very subtle and that their complexity and richness can be difficult to discern. To solve this problem a wine glass called Les Impitoyables evolved in France. It has a large funnel-shaped bowl and a narrow mouth that allows for more circulation of the wine’s aromas than other glasses and allows the wine to be vigorously swirled without spilling. The odd-shaped glass is held with a long stem that prevents the bowl from warming and allows the correct temperature of the wine to be maintained. The sole purpose of this glass is to feature the wine insi...

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Richard Lohmann resides in the San Francisco area. He is the recipient of grants from Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, Peninsula Community Foundation and was selected for the Isaac W. Bernheim Foundation Artist Fellowship. His photographs have been widely exhibited in galleries including the Ansel Adams gallery. His work is in the permanent collection of the San Francisco of Modern art, among others, including several corporate collections. He is head of the photography department at College of San Mateo. For additional information see his website.
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