Troll Workshop

With Lars Svanstrom

Iceland, Antarctica, the Amazon, not to mention the National Parks in the U.S. and Canada are old hat. Everyone has been there, done that. With this in mind we are expanding our workshop activities in 2015 to include  Sweden, and, if the circumstances permit also Norway.  We will explore the deep woods on the slopes of the southern Scandia Mountains where bears, moose, wolves, wolverine and lynx roam. We will also move up on the mountains above the tree line to reach the open tundra landscape with its clear streams and lakes. We will be close to the Norwegian border, but a possible crossing will be decided during the workshop, based on an assessment of the situation at the time. 

For most people this will be an entirely new environment which will pose new challenges, not only photographic, but also some other difficulties could be present and must be overcome. The participants should be prepared to endure long walks and stressful moments, not without a certain danger present (although professional local guides will ensure that the individual participant is safe).  Participants must be ready to intuitively manage their cameras during moments of stress and even fear, without sacrificing technical quality in the photographs. A swift, silent and smooth way of working is imperative. Because of this we can only accommodate a small number of participants, without reducing the number of teachers, which will of course improve the learning possibilities. So please register early!

We will stay the first night at comfortable Samedwellings in the area of Vuoggatjålme. The next day we take off into the woods on foot with local guides and for five nights we will stay at Samehuts and tents in the woodland. We will walk on old, soft trails seldom used by other than the few Sameand the creatures living there. Personal items (clothes, toiletry etc.) will be carried by local guides, you only have to carry your camera equipment. Travel light, allowing for the ability to run quickly, if circumstances necessitate.

There will be ample possibilities not only to photograph the wildlife, the pristine woods, the lakes and streams; but also, what we really come for, where your stamina, fearlessness and skills will be most important – Trolls. We will have an opportunity to see, and hopefully all will be able to photograph at least one of the different types of Trolls present in this area. There are the small, gentle Trolls living in crevasses and in small caves under boulders and which can be safely approached and photographed, but you have to work fast. Then there are the big, even gigantic, and very dangerous Mountain Trolls (especially dangerous for virgins, who might consider taking precautionary action before going) living in rock formations. Care should be exercised when approaching bare, vertical rocks in the woods, the Mountain Trolls live in them and move freely in and out through the face of the rock. There are also less interesting medium sized Trolls who sometimes can be real pests, and who are always looking for a camera opportunity themselves. (You will want toguard your gear carefully).

Practical details and costs will be posted later.

 April 1, 2014