Ultimate Printer Stand

By: Andy Biggs


A few months back, I purchased a new Epson 4000 for my studio space. When I took a look at the size of the printer, I immediately realized that I need to find a stand for the 4000, but which one? My requirements were that it could support the 85 pounds of weight from the printer, as well as store boxes of inkjet paper, ranging from 8.5×11" to 17×22".


Options, options options

Epson sells a dedicated stand for the Epson 4000, but I thought that this stand was a waste of space, in that the paper storage capacity was limited. Also, the stand had the printer much lower to the ground than what I had wished for, so I nixed that idea.

My second thought was to look at flat files, so that I could safely store all of my inkjet paper underneath the Epson 4000. The only problem is that most flat files cannot support the amount of weight that I needed, and an additional wooden or metal top would have to be fabricated. The cost for the flat files would be at least $1400, and there would be more work to get the solution up and running.

Enter the third and final solution.Ikeahas a kitchen drawer unit, called the VÄRDE, which works perfectly well for what I was looking for. It’s top platform is more than ample for the Epson 4000, and the unit comes with three drawers that are deep and wide enough for a ton of paper supplies. The USA price for this cabinet is $299, and some stores actually sell the unit for $349. The unit is a breeze to put together, and looks right at home in a studio setting. I have my Epson 4000 behind a dual-door closet, and theVÄRDEfits in there perfectly, with room to spare.

The VÄRDE unit comes with 3 stainless steel clad drawers, and I have found that two of the three drawers can accommodate 2 stacks of 4 boxes of 13×19" inkjet paper in each drawer. Talk about good storage capacity. The top drawer is a little less tall, and I use it to hold my 8.5×11" boxes of paper. This drawer can hold 3 stacks of 8.5×11" paper, and up to 5 boxes tall (depending on make and model of paper that you use, this will vary).



If you are in the market for a new printer stand for your Epson 4000, take a look at the VÄRDE unit at Ikea. It is inexpensive, easy to put together, holds an ample amount of paper, and elevates the printer to a height that makes it easy to load and unload paper from the printer without back aches.


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