VJ Disk Art

Video Journalviewers will be aware that DVDs are shipped in clamshell cases, known as C-Shells. This makes them inexpensive and rugged to mail. But unlike Amaray cases, there is no room for art work and content information.

To help you manage your collection ofVideo Journaldisks we provide downloadable PDF files that you can print yourself and then insert into readily available Amaray DVD cases. The boxes can be found inexpensively at most dollar/discount stores or on the web – just do a Google search for "Amaray Box". Jewel box (clear & black plastic CD cases) art is also available on this page.

Our insert or ‘trap sheet’ art files are at 240 DPI,Abobe RGBand print in landscape mode.

Simply click on the cover image that you wish to download. These files are each under 1 MB in size. Download and open the file withAdobe Acrobat. Select theprinticon within Acrobat. Depending on your printer, the image file is generally slightly too big to print on 8.5" x 11" paper but should print on A4. The insert for an Amaray case is 7.1" x 10.81" or 181mm x 275mm.

VJ18 Amaray

Amaray - 17

Volume 4: Issues 13 — 16


VJ16 Amry

VJ15 Amry

VJ14 Amry

VJ13 Amry


Volume 3: Issues 9 — 12


VJ12 Amry

VJ11 Amry

VJ10 Amry

VJ9 Amry


Volume 2 : Issues 4 — 8


VJ8 Amry

VJ7 Amry

VJ6 Amry

VJ5 Amry

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Volume 1 : Issues 1 — 4


VJ4 Amry

VJ3 Amry

VJ2 Amry

_VJ01 Amry_