Winter Cheer-Up Contest

January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann

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If you live in the northern hemisphere you probably have the winterblahsright about now. Snow, cold, short days, gray skies. Well –cheer up! Here’s an opportunity to reignite your enthusiasm for photography along a chance to win one of ten prizes ofAdobe Lightroom 3in our new contest. Oh yes – and you’ll be supporting this site.


Why The Contest?

The reason is simple. To entice you to purchase one of our products – either a download tutorial such asThe Luminous Landscape Guide to Camera Raw,From Camera to Print, ourGuide to Asset Management, ourAdobe Lightroom Tutorial, or one of our many otherdownload videosandVideo Journals. Every one of our products contains useful photography lessons and photography tips. The video tutorials are in-depth photography classes with instruction by experts.


The Prizes

There will be a total of ten prizes awarded. One roughly every week until May 1. Each is a full retail boxed copy ofAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 3kindly provided by our friends atAdobe. Prizes will be made available to winners once Adobe ships Lightroom 3.

Prize winners willalsoreceive a free copy of our updated Lightroom 3 video tutorial once it too becomes available. So, if you want to buy our currentAdobe Lightroom Tutorialyou’ll be all set to learn Lightroom 3. And,everyonethat buys our currentAdobe Lightroom Tutorialduring this contest promotion period will be entitled to a discount on our newest Lightroom 3 tutorial when it becomes available, as will previous purchasers.


The Fine Print

There’s always fine print, right? There isn’t much, but here it is.

This contest is open to anyone in the world, except where prohibited by law. The prizes must be accepted as awarded. There is no cash value. Shipping is included to anywhere in the world, but any local taxes or import duties (outside of the U.S.) are the responsibility of the winner.

Each and every separate purchases made fromOur Online Storebetween 1 January, 2010 and April 30, 2010 will be eligible to win one of the ten prizes. Only one prize will be awarded per individual.

And finally, to satisfy the law in some countries – no purchase is necessary. You will be entered into the competition by simply registering your name in our store. But, if you do this, while within the letter of the law you are of course defeating the purpose of the whole exercise. You must decide if that’s really what you want to do.


Cheer Yourself Up!

Enter The Contest Automatically
Now With Your Purchase of One of Our
Video Journals or Tutorials

A New Winner Will Be Announced
Roughly Every Week Until May.



6 Feb, 2010 – Mirek Elsner of Bellevue, WA
20 Feb, 2010 – Karin De Winter of Antwerp, Belgium
3 March, 2010 – Marc McDonald, Boulder, CO
15 March, 2010 – Spyros Triantos, Richmond, MA
30 March, 2010 – Larry Rezka, Ontario, Canada
22 April, 2010 – Jenny Sampson of Berkeley, CA

Michael Reichmann

Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape. Michael passed away in May 2016. Since its inception in 1999 LuLa has become the world's largest site devoted to the art, craft, and technology of photography. Each month more than one million people from every country on the globe visit LuLa.

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