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Michael Reichmann

A Grand Canyon Adventure

A Unique 8-Day Photographic Workshop
Rafting the Colorado River
Through the Heart of The Grand Canyon

Expedition Dates: May 9ƒâ€˜ 18, 2002

This workshop is now sold-out. Please fill in theregistration form 
to be placed on the Waitlist and to receive advance notification of future workshops.

Only once or twice in a lifetime comes an opportunity to participate in a truly unique adventure. This is one of those times!The Luminous Landscape Inc.,andCactus Clyde Productionsare conducting an exclusive workshop which will allow 8 photographers to spend 8 days exploring and photographing the Colorado river as it cuts through the heart of the Grand Canyon.

The workshop will be conducted jointly byMichael ReichmannandCC Lockwood. Between them these two professional nature photographers have more than 60 years of field experience. Both Michael and CC have extensive experience shooting at the Grand Canyon area and CC has rafted the Colorado river more than 25 times. They will be assisted bySteve Kossack, a Southwest photographer and photographic guide, andChris Sanderson, a professional film director who will be shooting this expedition for theLuminous Landscape Video Journalas well as acting as an additional photographic resource. This means a ratio of one guide/instructor for each two participants.

Matkatamiba Canyonƒâ€˜ Grand Canyon, May 2000

Who is This Trip For?

This trip is not for everyone. It can’t be. 

It’s for photographers who are experienced enough to appreciate that this is a truly unique opportunity. 

It for someone who is in good enough physical condition to do a couple of moderate 2-3 hour hikes each day in wilderness conditions.

It’s for an individual who can afford the $4,750 all-inclusive cost for the rafting trip and the workshop. (Travel to and from Las Vegas, Nevadaƒâ€˜ our jumping off point, isnotincluded).

About The Rafting Trip

The rafting trip itself is a charter operated for us byGrand Canyon Expeditions.GCEare one of the most experienced and professional rafting companies licensed by theNational Park Serviceto operate public rafting trips through the Grand Canyon. 

Please note. While the rafting trip itself is operated byGrand Canyon Expeditionsusing their equipment and crew, the itinerary and purpose has been created exclusively by Michael and CC. This isnotpart of GCE’s regular public rafting trip schedule.

What’s different?

Instead of the 14 passengers normally on a raft our expedition will have just 12. This is because we will be providing enough room for photographer’s equipment cases and tripods, something that a normal public rafting trip simply can not provide. We also want to create an intimate 2:1 ratio of participants to group leaders. The full boat compliment will consist of 2 experienced Boatman, the 4 photographic guides and the 8 participants. 

Public trips are designed for people who wish to do a bit of hiking, some sightseeing and simply drifting down the river and shooting the rapids. While we will be doing some of all of these things we will be scheduling our stops and hikes to beoptimized exclusively for photography

Public rafting trips attract a broad range of people from many different walks of life. These people have vastly different interests as well as expectations from such a voyage.Ourtrip will be highly focused on maximizing the opportunities for doing landscape, nature and wildlife photography with a select group of like-minded individuals.

Our expedition and workshop will have 4 knowledgeable experts to act as mentors and guides for the 8 participants. These four individuals bring with them vast expertise in landscape, nature and wildlife photography as well as cinematography, videography, and the lore of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.

Big Horn Ram #1, Grand Canyonƒâ€˜ May, 2000

About The Workshop

This is not a workshop for beginners. There will be no instruction per-se, unless requested. But, the workshop leaders will be shooting alongside you at all times. They will provide discussion and assistance on specialized topics such as, for example, the use of split ND filers for contrast control, how to shoot star trails at night, perspective control, action shooting, wildlife techniques and field craft. Advanced techniques will be constantly discussed, demonstrated and put into practice.

This workshop is about shootingƒâ€˜ lots of shooting. There will be no classroom sessions, no lectures, no slide shows, and most importantlyƒâ€˜  no unnecessary egos. Participants and group leaders will work closelytogether,sharing their knowledge and experience.


In additional to doing photography in one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness locations with 11 other like-minded photographers, the rafting trip itself is a superb once-in-a-lifetime experience. Rather than repeat the excellent information available online about the basic voyage please visit theGrand Canyon Expeditionsweb site. You should also look at myGrand Canyon Raftingpage for images and text from my last trip there in May, 2000. You may also want to subscribe to theVideo Journal, as the current issue (#2) features a major segment on our last Grand Canyon rafting trip.  Here though are some highlights of our forthcoming trip:

The trip begins in Las Vegas with an orientation meeting on the afternoon of the arrival day followed by a get acquainted dinner.

Early the next morning there is a motor coach ride toLee’s Ferry andthe 8 days on the river begins.

The raft has a crew of two, theBoatsmanand aSwamper(assistant). These highly experienced people are responsible for our safety, operation of the boat, meal preparation and clean up, and they also act as field guides and naturalists.Your jobwill be to do photography and enjoy yourself! 

You will be sleeping under the stars each night by the side of the river. All camping supplies including sleeping bags are provided. Food is very good and plentiful. But, thisiswilderness camping and hiking so don’t expect a walk in the park. Nevertheless any adult in decent physical shape, up to the age of about 65, should have no difficulty with any aspect of this trip.

The trip take place in early May. This means that though we’ll be avoiding the intense heat of mid-summer the weather can be quite hot. It can also be rainy, cold or windy. The Grand Canyon is unpredictable. But, this is regarded as one of the best times of year to take the trip.

Triple Falls, Grand Canyonƒâ€˜ May, 2000

The Schedule

We will be spending 8 days on the river. There will be an orientation session and dinner the day before launch and most people will fly out the day after we land. Here are the dates.

Thursday, May 9, 2002ƒâ€˜ Arrive Las Vegas. 3pm orientation session at our hotel. Welcome dinner.

Friday, May 10ƒâ€˜ Early departure by motor coach to Lee’s Ferry. Afternoon boat launch.

May 10ƒâ€˜ May 17th: On the Colorado River

Friday, May 17thƒâ€˜ Land at Pierce Ferry. Motor coach back to Las Vegas. Overnight in Las Vegas

Saturday, May 18thƒâ€˜ Fly home

The Cost

The cost of this trip is US $4,750. This includes the river rafting aspect of the trip, as provided byGrand Canyon Expeditions,and participation in the workshop.Yes, it’s expensive. Butthe bestof anything always is. It will also cost you (excluding travel time to and from Las Vegas) at least 10 days from your usual life. 

A deposit of $1,000 will be required when you register, and the balance of $3,750 will be due January 9th, 2002; 120 days before the trip. If you need to cancel before then youÕll receive all of your money back except $100. Between January and May if you need to cancel youÕll get a full refundifI can find a replacement for you.

Why Do It?

This workshop and expedition is unlike anything that you have experienced, or likely ever will. In addition to a priceless adventure there will be an opportunity to hone your photographic skills in the company of experts and to do so in one of the world’s greatest locations. 

During your 8 days on the river there will be no computers, no cell phones and no email. The conditions will sometimes be rugged. Youwillbe challenged. 

You’ll also be grinning from ear to ear as we "shoot" some of the world’s most famous rapids and you’ll be filled with pleasure for years afterwards as you review the images that you capture on this not-to-be-missed opportunity.

About The Workshop Leaders

This workshop and expedition will be lead byMichael ReichmannandCC Lockwood. You can read our biographies on the links provided. You can also find out more about us by reading our respective web sites. We will be pleased to talk with you personally about your interests and how we can help makes this an extremely successful photographic event for you.

Video Filming

On this workshop we will joined byChris Sandersonwho will be filming the expedition forThe Luminous LandscapeVideo Journal.

Naturally, we will need your consent to be filmed. Once you have registered for the Workshop we will be sending you aRelease Form. This will signify your permission to be included in the filming that will be done during the workshop. We will, of course, be providing you with complimentary copies of whatever video or print material comes out of this, and you may choose to either be listed in the credits by name, or not, as you prefer.Of course this will provide you with a professional quality video record of this unique adventure, something that no other workshop can provide.

Finally, I want to assure you that the filming of the workshop will in no way interfere with the workshop and the time that we spend together. Chris is an experienced filmmaker and will be shooting in an unobtrusive documentary style. Of course, as an experienced cinematographer and director Chris will be available as another resource person to all Workshop members. If you have problem with being filmed during the workshop please ask me for more information, or consider taking an alternative workshop.

Liability Limitation

The Luminous Landscape Inc., our instructors, guides, and cooperating agents aim to provide every participant a safe, educational, and enjoyable experience. We act solely as agents for you regarding accommodations, special activities, and travel, by any means, and assume no liability for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, delay, mishap, or damage to persons or property arising from any cause during the course of the workshop or in transit thereto. We can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in the services to be provided. We reserve the right to change our arrangements should conditions necessitate, or to cancel any aspect of the workshop due to exceptional circumstances. In the event that we deem it necessary to cancel the workshopafterJanuary 9, 2002, we will provide a full refund which the participant acknowledges as full and final settlement.

As there is always an element of risk in any adventure associated with the outdoors, participants must read this form carefully. This liability release will certify that the participant is physically fit and capable of participating in outdoor photography exercises in field locations, and is fully and completely aware of any associated risks created by field locations and weather. 

By joining this workshop I acknowledge that I have read the above information concerning responsibility and releaseThe Luminous Landscape Inc.,Cactus Clyde Productions, and Michael Reichmann, CC Lockwood, their guides, instructors and any cooperating agent from any liability.The Luminous Landscape Inc.,Cactus Clyde Productions,Michael Reichmann and CC Lockwood will assume no liability for injury, illness, or loss of personal property or expenses thereof associated with workshop participation.

What Do I do Next?

If this trip has your name on it; if your pulse is racing at the thought of becoming a member of this expedition; if you can afford the cost and the time, then now is the time to register. 

Remember, there are only 8 positions available for this unique 1-time journey. When they’re spoke for,that’s it. We know of no one else offering a workshop of this type. If you believe that you would like to be a member of this photographic expedition, register now because space is strictly limited. There are just eight places available so theGrand Canyon Adventurephotographic workshop is bound to sell out quickly.  To fill out a Registration Form simply clickhereor on the button below.  If you have any questions before registering, clickhereto send me an e-mail inquiry.

NewThis workshop will be featured in a forthcoming issue of The Luminous Landscape Video Journal.

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