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January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann


Seeing Double

After recently publishing an article on doing winter photography inYellowstone National ParkI received an e-mail from photographerMark Meyerpointing me to apageonhis web sitewhere he has on display a remarkably similar photograph. 

Michael Reichmann
Mark Meyer

Pentax 67II with Pentax 55~100mm f/4.5 lens on Provia 100F

Pentax 67 with a 45mm lens on Provia 100 (RDP II

I suppose that if there had been tripod holes we could not have taken this shot from more exactly the same position. We even both usedPentax 67cameras.

Of greater interest than this coincidence is how similar yet how different these images are. I often write about the importance of light in determining how a photograph will appear. In this case the position of the sun played a big role in making this scene appear as differently as it does.

I thought that you might enjoy comparing these two images as much as I did. Nothing more profound than that. 


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