Astro Photography

Angry SunAngry Sun — Muskoka, Ontario 1999

Parts of this section are currently under construction.

Though not, obviously, a branch of landscape photography, astronomy and astronomical photography is another passion of mine.  This section will, over time, have both brief articles and examples of some of my work.

Total Solar Eclipse, August 11, 1999

There was a Total Solar Eclipse in Europe on August 11, 1999 which I observed from Bucharest, Romania. Hereis an essay describing my travels, observing, photography and thoughts on this unique experience.

Solar & Eclipse Photography

An article on daytime polar alignment for solar and eclipse photography is featured.


Anyone fascinated by astronomy is also likely to be interested in the possible existence of extra-terrestrial intelligences. UC Berkeley, among others, is spearheading an exciting project calledSeti@Homethat utilizes the distributed processing capability of more than 1 million home computers to analyze data from the Arecibo radio telescope. Software that anyone can download is available that makes your computer part of the analysis effort. A fascinating way to participate in the search for life elsewhere in the universe.