Greg Czarnecki

Greg Czarnecki

Greg Czarnecki is a long-time professional photographer. He recently retired from his last position as staff photographer of the Ann Arbor Symphony. His work and that of his wife, Sue Dempsey, can be viewed at
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Articles by Greg Czarnecki

Camera & Technology

Monument Valley and The Phase One XT Camera

There are special locations that spark the imagination of photographers.  It may be Jokulsarlon Lagoon in Iceland where 1000 year old icebergs break off from

Landscape & Environment

Featured image of Alabama Hills

Photo Gold in the Alabama Hills

You have been there – many, many times.  Nearly every pickup truck commercial seen on television has a portion taken from the Alabama Hills.  Wide


The Enigma in the Picture

Ansel Adams once shared the thoughtful insight, “There are always two people in the picture: the photographer and the viewer.” The viewer has an important