Joshua Holko

Joshua Holko

Joshua Holko is an Australian born, full-time professional Nature photographer. Honoured in 2016 as the Global Arctic Photographer of the Year he has been the recipient of countless international awards in recent years for his emotive and powerful Nature photography. A specialist Polar photographer with galleries in Australia, Tasmania, and the United States, Joshua is also a Moab Master Printer and AIPP Master of Photography with Gold bar. Joshua also runs workshops and expeditions for passionate photographers to some of the world’s wildest and most remote locations. Josh's website . . .
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Articles by Joshua Holko

Landscape & Environment

Svalbard The Midnight Sun

The Art of Polar Bear Photography

There are few animals on the planet that inspire and evoke emotion like Usrsus maritimus – the Polar Bear. The worlds largest land predator, the

Camera & Technology


BenQ SW271 4K UHD HDR Wide Gamut Monitor Review

In January of 2017, I reviewed BenQ’s outstanding SW320 31.5” 4K Wide Gamut Adobe RGB monitor for photographers. It offered groundbreaking performance at its price

The Toughest Print

As many of my regular readers, friends and fellow photographers know, I love to print. For me, the photographic print is not only the final

BenQ SW320 32” inch Adobe RGB Monitor Review

Introduction Last year BenQ shook up the wide gamut monitor world with the release of the BenQ SW2700PT 27” Adobe RGB monitor (Reviewed here on

BenQ SW2700PT 27 inch Adobe RGB Monitor Review

In the later half of last year I reviewed Eizo’s brand new, superb CG-318 4k Resolution Graphics Display for Photographers and Graphic Design Professionals and gave