David Osborn

David Osborn

David Osborn is a professional photographer with 40 years of experience in hard news and corporate Photography and now teaches Photography and post-production full-time. As a personal tutor, David offers live online and in-person workshops teaching Artistic Knowledge, Photography Skills, and Photoshop Techniques to create beautiful, engaging travel and landscape Photography. David's philosophy is: 'If you know why pictures work,' you will know how to make pictures that work. How to put creativity back into Photography and gain creative satisfaction from Photography. My website, www.davidosbornphotography.com, explains much more.
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Articles by David Osborn

Post Processing

Cameras record and people create.

"Dicover beautiful pictures by creating engaging pictures back home after travelin

Landscape & Environment

Pisa Conclusion

A moment of clarity: The Leaning Tower of Pisa and Florence

The danger of going somewhere well known is everyone’s going to have the same image. My images of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Florence

Landscape & Environment

Sky 7

Sky: Looking Into The Landscape’s Soul

“If eyes are windows to the soul in a portrait, sky is the window to the soul in a landscape” Portrait photography captures life and


Black & White Photography: How To Think About Tone How To Create Beautiful Black & White Photography by Professional London Photographer David Osborn

The Art Of Black & White Photography The black and white photograph is the ‘engine’ of all photographs. The tonal values create the foundation design

Landscape & Environment

Panoramic Photography: The Psychological Power

Panoramic photography can create photographs with a psychological quality no other format can. Satisfy the logical side of our brain that we are seeing something