Camera & Technology

What’s in the Bag with Dave Gillespie

  Dave Gillespie is a well known commercial photographer in Toronto. I know him primarily through the music scene, but I have on occasion seen

Some Thoughts On The Leica SL

By Sean Reid of Reid Reviews Before I begin this, I should explain that I have been beta-testing the Leica SL (which was code-named "Max")

Leica SL Initial Thoughts

What It Is and What It Isn't 21 October, 2015 The Toronto Blue Jays lost game four of the ALC against the Kansas City Royals

Living With The Fuji X-T1

  A Short Introduction (5:35) Back in October I published an article about my experience with the Olympus E-M1.  As you learned from the article,

Camera Equipment of The Year – 2014

Another year is now behind us, and a number of interesting cameras have crossed our desks. Some have come and gone in just a week

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