Declined Purchase FAQ



– Wait 24 hours.

– Re-boot your browser.

– Or, try a different one… Firefox/Mozilla works best.

– Make sure that the information you enter into the CC fields matches exactly the info on your CC Statement.

– If you are trying to purchase while overseas – it may be best to wait until you get home: a mismatch of the country IP address and billing address will lead to a declined purchase from a few countries where the risk of fraud is high.


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We can also arrange payment through PayPal.

Pleasecontact us directlyif you wish to use PayPal.


There are many possible reasons that your purchase is declined.
Here is a detailed list of problems & solutions:

– Check the copy of the Declined Transaction email from Internet Secure – often the reason for the rejection is given (e.g. "Password not completed"; "Incorrect Card Number").

– Please make sure that ‘ cookies ‘ are enabled in your browser and that your browser accepts ‘referred’ URLs.

– Check that your available credit card balance is sufficient

– If you are using AmEx ,see #6.

– Opera users : turn on "send referer information" in Network Preferences


Other dos & don’ts…

1. Please be aware that should you have made multiple repeated attempts that were returned as Declined, your financial institution may well have blocked _any_ purchase from our site on your behalf. This is done to protect the cardholder from fraud and multiple felonious purchases. You will have to wait a number of days; the period of time that our Store will be embargoed on your card account varies by financial institution. You can contact them to have the embargo removed.

2. ReBoot! : If you have already attempted a transaction, please re-boot your browser to clear the cache; make sure that cookies are enabled and Java is enabled.

3. Name & Address : 90% of declined orders are due to a difference between the Billing name & address entered and the name & address on file with your credit card company. Internet Secure’s server will tolerate very little difference – even double or missing spaces make for errors and thus declined/refused orders. Check your credit card statement and enter your name and address as closely as possible as it appears there.

If your billing and shipping address differ – especially by country – it is unlikely that your credit card will be accepted; unfortunately these transactions are too often fraudulent to be acceptable.

(If your name includes an initial, place it after your first name in the First Name field eg: ‘Christopher D’ ‘Sanderson’. If your name contains non-English accented characters, try omitting the accent or using the closest English alphabet equivalent – eg: ‘o’ or ‘oe’ in place of an ‘o’ with umlaut or Scandinavian stroke)

If your Province/State/County does not appear on the available list on our site, please choose ‘OTHER’ and then later replace the ‘OO’ with the correct information on the Internet Secure credit card information collection page.
If your address has no applicable Province, State or County, please choose NONE from the available list and then remove the ’11’ from the Internet Secure credit card information collection page.

4. Cooling Off Period : Once an order has been declined, there is a ‘cooling-off’ period before the same order can be re-entered.
Give the system ten to fifteen minutes and then make sure the name & address entered is the same as on your credit card bill – you should have success.

5. Firewall : Attempting to use the shopping cart from behind an organization’s fire-wall can also be the cause of problems.

6. Card Security Code : The card security code is a unique three or four digit number, separate from your credit card number. Your security code can be found in the following locations on the following cards:
Your card security code for your MasterCard, Visa or Discover card is a three-digit number on the back of your credit card, immediately following your main card number.
American Express
The card security code for your American Express card is a four-digit number located on the front of your credit card, to the right of your main credit card number.

If your security code is missing or illegible, please call the bank or credit card establishment referenced on your card for assistance.


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