Digital I.Q.

Love – Toronto, November, 2008

Panasonic G1 with 14-45mm @ ISO 100

The modern digital camera ago just under 10 years ago, with the introduction in June ’99 of the Nikon D1. May of the following year saw the Canon D30 appear.The Nikon had a 2.7MP sensor and cost $5,500 while the Canon had a 3MP sensor and cost $3,500, and the game was on.

Now, just short of a decade later, we have hundreds of models prices have continued to plummet. A competent 12MP camerawitha decent lens now costs well under a thousand dollars.

Ya, So. What’s the news in that?

Nothing directly, other than that it has now become clear that the differences in image quality (I.Q.) that were the linchpin of web discussions among photographers have now become so small as to resemble eclysicastic discussions about angles on the head of a pin rather than the meantingful discussions that we’re used to having varied all over the place as this industry started to get off the ground.