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Fellow photographers, this “Focus on the Journey” segment is for us. It’s a segment dedicated to sharing the deeper and personal stories behind a photograph. A photograph can be a beautiful blend of our life’s experiences, photography skills, and a touch of divine timing.

Simon Schumacher from the Swiss Alps shares how he captured “Sea of Fog Sunset”.

  • ” Sea of Fog Sunset”
  • Switzerland | Bernese Oberland | Niederhorn
  • 11. January 2024
  • Photographer: Simon Schuhmacher

Camera Equipment:

Camera Settings:

  • 1/125s
  • f/8
  • ISO 100
  • Manual Mode
  • Handheld

LuLa Log:

I very often go out at the Swiss Alps (my home) during such weather conditions because it’s always very promising to experience something very special.

At this day there was a very thick fog layer between the altitude around 1000-1400m (3280-4590ft) so that meant I had to go up very high to get above the fog to be able to shoot the sunset.

So I went up to a mountain top which I already know very well because I’ve visited this place several times during similar conditions.

When I arrived at the top during the golden hour I realized that the fog is rising while the sun is setting.

And the permanently rising was also filling the small valley right in front of the view point with fog which is normally always a fog free zone.

I’ve never experienced that so far so I took this chance to capture this stunning image just at the right time when the last beautiful sunlight is hitting the surface of the sea of fog and giving it a this very beautiful lighting and deepness.

Sea of fog is one of my favorite subjects to shoot, it’s always extremely fascinating to see the very well known landscapes in a completely different mood and exploring new interesting scenes which normally (without the fog) would look completely different. The fog is changing everything, and creates new interesting subjects all the time.

To shoot fog time-lapses is also one of my favorite things to shoot during such conditions, this allows you to see the actual moving / flowing of the fog and it often really looks like the sea or waves.


  • I often use different kind of webcams to check where the fog line currently is before I go. To make sure not being completely in fog when I’m arriving at the desired spot.

After the actual sunset the fog is mostly rising upwards because of the changed thermic situation.

About Simon Schumacher:

I am a landscape photographer from Switzerland with an endless passion for the wonderful creation of God. I fell extremely in love with the stunning beauty of the untouched nature with its variety of different kind of landscapes and its detail richness.

I love the diversity of the seasonal changes and appearances combined with the endless range of different light and weather situations. Every day has the potential to capture something very special and to experience completely unique atmospheric moments.

This is what keeps me going out into the nature day by day to capture these special moments with my camera and make them visible and experienceable for everyone.


Instagram: @simonschuhmacherphotography

Shared Focus

Thank you Simon for sharing with us your image and the journey to the top of the mountain. If you’ve taken a photograph and you’d like to inspire us by sharing your creation, gear bag, and your adventure please let us know at teamlula@luminouslandscape.com.

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