July 25, 2022 ·

Josh Reichmann

For this project, titled Hunter/Gatherer, I photograph found objects and scenes at antique malls and shops, collectibles fairs, and flea markets. My subject matter is very broad – toys, dolls, mannequins, posters, games, paintings, photographs, clothing, figurines, household items, taxidermy, a huge array of tchotchkes, and much more. In some of the images complex visual structures emerge from chaotic heaps, while other photographs address historical and current views of childhood, family, religion, politics, war, gender roles and racial stereotypes. The work attempts to shine a light on American uber-materialism, to discover what these massive amalgamations of our possessions can tell us about our collective past, and to see what they might reveal about present-day American culture.

EDGE is one of those rare books that come along that will actually change the way you see the world. For more than 30 years, David has turned his camera on the everyday world with a curiosity that is driven by finding those places, views and situations that bring the edge of chaos into alignment with the edge of aesthetic brilliance and transcendent beauty. Seeking and finding a different and enlightening visual conversation with our material culture. With an outstanding edit and sequencing by Peter Essick and extraordinary design by Margaux Fraisse, Edge is one of the most stunning books Fall Line has produced to date. The book includes an exceptionally cogent essay by Tim Davis that brings the joys of “life on the edge” into focus.


Samples From Edge

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Josh Reichmann

July 2022

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Photography has been a primary medium for my creative expression since early childhood. The Luminous Landscape is a family business, passion, and community which I am thrilled to carry forward and build upon.

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