Midnight Rainbow submissions

January 1, 2019 ·

Josh Reichmann
Midnight Rainbow. Jokulsarlon, Iceland. 2004

At mid-summer sunset in Iceland is very late and lasts a long time. The glacial iceberg-filled lake at Jokulsarlon is well know, but on this particular midnight we were treated to a 180 degree rainbow just as the sun touched the horizon.

The Luminous Landscape wishes you all a healthy, joyous year ahead filled with learning, making, seeking and beauty. Part of our vision for this 20th year at LuLa is to facilitate the greater LuLa community in expressing their work in order to offer a window into a Photographer’s practice.

In our new series named after this photograph by Michael Reichmann, we invite you to submit a finalized shot of your choice to be accompanied by a storied description including any and all process-based information that you feel pertinent. Be it professional, whimsical or indispensably personal in subject matter, your submitted contribution of a meaning-filled photograph will be curated and published by us if chosen, showcased with your take of its creation and how you were affected by it’s taking and making.

Midnight Rainbow is a chance to have your voice heard, a vision seen and your work reflected upon by the photographic community at large. Send all submissions to office[at]luminous-landscape[dot]com

Your story may be illuminating and we invite you to share this along with the techniques used to capture it.

May you find the light even at midnight.


Josh Reichmann + Irene Cortes

January 2019

“Clearly a photograph is no more and no less than its creator’s interpretation of a particular scene at a moment in time.”
Michael Reichmann

Josh Reichmann

Photography has been a primary medium for my creative expression since early childhood. The Luminous Landscape is a family business, passion, and community which I am thrilled to carry forward and build upon.

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