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January 21, 2018 ·

Kevin Raber

Setting Up The Sony A7r III Menus

I am the owner of a number of Sony cameras, the a7r, a7r II, A9, a7r III and the a6500.  One of the first things you notice when you purchase a Sony camera is the overwhelming menu system.  With the latest firmware releases and the release of new cameras, the menu system has gotten somewhat better.  As a new owner of a Sony camera if you are like me you sit down and try to work your way through the menus.  Many of the menu selection titles are somewhat confusing, to say the least.  So, many times you skip over a menu item because you don’t understand it.  I hope this video can help with understanding how I set my Sony a7r III up.

With the a7r III I thought I’d share how I set up my camera.  This is a very long video and of course, I would like you to watch the whole video, but honestly, I don’t expect that.  So, to make it a bit easier I have provided a timeline below.  You can use it to pick the menu item you have a question with and scrub to it.  This video shows the way I set my camera up.  Once you master the menus you can set up custom banks that consist of different menu selections.  In addition to the video, you should also download the MANUAL and the more EXTENSIVE HELP GUIDE.   As I explain in the video I have the link as well as the PDF on my iPad in case I need to access it from the field.

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I hope this video helps.  It is a first for me.  We used a special HDMI output/conversion device to capture live menus as well as video of me explaining things. There is also a chapter timeline with menu sections available directly on the video.  Using the second from the last menu icon on the bottom of the video to access the timeline.  Scroll down to what you are interested in and you should be able to go right to the selection.

The Sony A7r III Menu System Video

The Timeline

Hours: Minutes: Seconds

00:00:00 Introduction

00:05:58 File Format, RAW File Type, JEPG Quality, JPEG Image Size, Aspect ratio APS-C/ Super 35mm)

00:11:00 Long Exposure NR, High ISO NR, Color Space, Lens Comp.

00:13:48 Drive Mode, Bracket Settings, Px. Shift Multi Shoot, m1 /m2 Recall, m1/m2 Memory, Select Media

00:17:14 Reg Cust Shoot Set)

00:17:31 Focus Mode, Priority Set in AF-S, Priority Set in AF-C, Focus Area, Focus Settings, SWT V/H AF Area

00:22:17 AF Illuminator, Center Lock-on AF, Set Face Prty in AF, AF Track Sens, AF System, AF w/shutter

00:24:37 Pre-AF, Eye-Start AF, AF Area Regist, Del. Reg. AF Area, AF Area Auto Clear, Disp. cont AF Area

00:25:47 Phase Detect Area, AF Micro Adj.

00:26:46 Exposure Comp., Reset EV Comp., ISO, ISO AUto Min SS,

Metering  Mode, Face Prty in Mlti Mtr

00:33:40 Spot Metering Point, Exposure step, AEL w/shutter, Exposure Std. Adjust

00:35:15 Flash Mode, Flash Comp., Exp. comp.set, Wireless flash, Red Eye Reduction

00:36:18 White Balance, Priority Set in AWB, DRO / Auto HDR, Creative Style, Picture Effect, Picture Profile

00:41:41 Focus Magnifier, Focus Magnif. Time, Initial Focus Mag., AF in Focus Mag., MF Adjust, Peaking Setting

00:45:53 Anti-flicker Shoot, Face Registration, Regist. Faces Priority

00:47:55 Exposure Mode, S&Q Exposure Mode, File Format, Record Setting, S&Q Settings, Proxy Recording

00:50:05 AF Drive Speed, AF Track Send, Auto Slow Shut., Audio Recording, Audio Rec Level, Audio Level Display

00:51:37 Audio Out Timing, Wind Noise Reduct., Marker Display, Marker Settings, Video Light Mode, Movie w/shutter

00:51:59 Silent shooting, -Front Curtain Shutter, Release w/o lens, Release w/o card. Steady Shot, Steady Shot Settings

00:54:27 Zoom, Zoom Settings, Zoom Ring Rotate

00:54:36 DISP Button, FINDER/MONITOR, Finder Frame Rate, Zebra Setting, Grid Line, Exposure set. Guide

00:57:09 Live View Display, Cont. Shoot Length

00:58:46 Custom Key (still), Custom Key (movie), Custom Key (play), Function Menu Set., Dial Setup, Av/Tv Rotate

01:02:57 Dial Ev Comp, MOVIE Button, Lock Operation Parts, Audio signals

01:05:43 Snd To Smartphn Func, Send to computer, FTP Transfer Func., View On TV, Ctrl w/Smartphone, Airplane Mode

01:06:49 WiFi Settings, Bluetooth Settings, Loc. Info. Link Set, Edits Device Name, Imp Root Certificate, Reset Network Set.

01:09:37 Protect, Rotate, Delete, Rating, Rating Set (Cust Key), Specify Printing

01:10:44 Copy, Photo Capture, Enlarge Image, Enlarge Init. Mag., Enlarge Initial Pos., Slide Show

01:10:55 Select PB media, View Mode, Image Index, Disp Cont Shoot Grp, Display Rotation, Image Jump Setting

01:12:12 Monitor Brightness, Viewfinder Bright, Finder Color Temp, Gamma Disp. Assist, Volume Settings, Delete Confirm

01:14:12 Display Quality, Pwr Save Start Time, Auto Pwr OFF Temp., NTSC/PAL Selector, Cleaning Mode, Touch Operation

01:15:36 Touch Panel/Pad, Touch Pad Settings, Demo Mode, TC/UB Settings, Remote Ctrl, HDMI Settings

01:17:21 4K Output Sel., USB Connection, USB LUN Settings, USB Power Supply, PC Remote Settings, Language

01:18:44 Date/Time Setup, Area Setting, Copyright Info, Format, File Number, Set File Name

01:19:11 Rec, Media Settings, Select Rec Folder, New Folder, Folder Name, Recover Image DB, Display Media Info.

01:21:37 Version, Setting Reset

01:22:03 My Menu Settings

01:22:48 Closing


I know this article and video isn’t for everyone. However, if you are a Sony user or considering purchasing a Sony this video should hopefully give you some insight on how to set your camera up with the extensive menus that Sony cameras have.

Kevin Raber
January 2017

Kevin Raber

Photography is my passion and has been for 45 plus years. My career in photography has allowed me to travel the world, meet some of the most interesting people on the planet and see things I could never have dreamed of. My goal is to share the passion of pictures taking through photographs and teaching with as many people as I can hoping it brings them as much joy and happiness as it has me. I do this through Rockhopper Workshops and other projects as well as teaching at my Gallery in Indianapolis.

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