Photographer Profiles

Edward Burtynsky revisits nature’s innocence in new collection

The pandemic-era restrictions on travel and social interactions have prompted everyone to adapt, not least photographers, who can’t work from home as easily as some.

The Psychic Shock of Animal Photojournalism in the 21st Century (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Across the world, 22.5 billion livestock and fowl currently live on farms, where most of them endure conditions of unimaginable misery. Each day, 160 million

Landscape & Environment

What is the Anthropocene to us?

In the essay associated with his Anthopocene Book, Edward Bertynsky observes: “Our Planet has borne witness to five great extinction events, and these have been

Landscape & Environment

“Antechamber”: LMRamsey’s Points Of Departure

“A good photographer not only documents an object, she uncovers it.” Laura Margaret Ramsey Where do computer vision, ecology, the future of photography/printing and the

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