Camera & Technology

A Tale of Two Fujis Part I – Introduction and the GFX 100

                  Fujifilm is one of the most interesting players in the camera market in early 2020. They always march to their own drum – skipping the

Camera & Technology

The Present State of Mirrorless Part II: Manufacturer/mount summaries

Sony: Beyond question, the mirrorless market leader as of July, 2019, Sony also manufactures image sensors for most of their competitors. Sony has been in

Chicago Walk With The Fuji X-H1

If there is one city that gets me going as far as photography goes it has to be Chicago.  To experience Chicago you must get

My Thoughts On The NEW Nikon Z6 and Z7 Cameras

It's Time To Share My Thoughts On The NEW Nikon Z6 and Z7 Cameras As you may have noticed, there was no mention of Nikon Z6

Mirrorless Revolution 2014 – We Said It Back Then

The Mirrorless Revolution 2014 I recently published an article about the upcoming Mirrorless War. The video and article seem to have gotten a lot of

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