Camera & Technology

The fastest iPads ever, but the new iMac leaves a huge question mark..

Apple just released a new 24-inch iMac, plus 12.9 inch and 11 inch iPad Pros. The fascinating fact about them is that, in many more

Photographer Profiles

The Year in Review, the Year Ahead Part IV – computers, software and services

On the computer side, Apple’s new chips could be incredibly significant, by far the big computer story of the year for photographers – if they

Camera & Technology

Sony’s new full-frame baby, Nikon lenses and an Apple fizzle

Sony just introduced the A7C, which they’re calling the smallest and lightest fully-functional full frame mirrorless camera on the market today. They are quite careful

Camera & Technology

Breaking (up) News – Apple moving away from Intel and the impact on photographers

In what may, at first, seem like an unimportant piece of computer geekery, Apple announced on June 22, 2020 that they would transition the Mac

Camera & Technology

A Profusion of Options – Computing for Serious Photography.

         At the beginning of 2019, there was very serious concern about Apple’s continued commitment to photographers’ needs, and Intel was doing their best to frighten

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