The Leica Story – The Finale

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March 30, 2018 ·

Kevin Raber

A Memorable Look At Leica




Over the last few months, we have been telling the story of Leica.  I always wanted to tell the story of Leica as it’s one of the companies that not only defined the 35mm format but also is one of the oldest camera companies there is.  Over the years Leica has had to overcome numerous challenges to become the company that it is today and we were pleased to be able to tell that story.

This project began over a year ago working closely with Leica to set up a week-long visit.  The team at Leica allowed us access to every corner of the company and we were able to talk to on camera all the major product managers as well as top management and also Dr. Andreas Kaufmann. To all of the numerous people involved in helping us achieve this video series, I want to say a great big thanks.

I also want to thank my business partner Chris Sanderson who did an amazing job of not only the videography for this project but also the editing.  It was a massive job and this project could not have been accomplished without his hard work.

I case you have missed any of the chapters I have listed them all below.  Thank you for being part of the Luminous-Landscape family and I hope you enjoyed The Leica Story.

The Leica Story – Our Leica Adventure November 10, 2017

The Leica Story – The History Of Leica

The Leica Story – APS-C and the Leica CL

The Leica Story – Leica Lenses

The Leica Story – Manufacturing and Assembly

The Leica Story – The M-Series Camera

The Leica Story – Camera Design

The Leica Story – The Leica S

The Leica Story – The Leica SL

The Leica Story – Sonderoptic Cine Lenses

The Leica Story – Dr. Andreas Kaufmann Interview

We have also posted this series on our YouTube Channel so it can be shared easily.
You can find it here The Leica Story On YouTube.

We look forward to covering more about Leica in the future as new cameras and other innovations from Leica are introduced.

Kevin Raber
April 2018

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Photography is my passion and has been for 45 plus years. My career in photography has allowed me to travel the world, meet some of the most interesting people on the planet and see things I could never have dreamed of. My goal is to share the passion of pictures taking through photographs and teaching with as many people as I can hoping it brings them as much joy and happiness as it has me. I do this through Rockhopper Workshops and other projects as well as teaching at my Gallery in Indianapolis.

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