Peter Dulis

Peter Dulis

Peter Dulis is a Canadian photographer and visual storyteller living in Toronto, Ontario. His work has been published in a number of magazines such as Graphic Arts Magazine, Visual Wilderness, Luminous Landscape, Photo News and has been recognized for photography excellence. “I’ve had the chance to meet & work with some incredible people in the industry. Photography isn’t just about making photographs; it’s about choosing a life of curiosity, exploration, and wonder, immersing yourself in the world around you.” Peter shares many of his tips and techniques in his monthly newsletter
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Articles by Peter Dulis

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What transforms a photograph into a lasting memory? Is it the act of sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram? In a

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Editors note: It might seem tone-def to post a travel-shoot article given the current state of things. This was written before our current situation. We

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Travels to Costa Rica: A Photo Adventure

Costa Rica is truly a photographer’s dream come true – whether it’s the beaches, volcanoes, rivers, jungles or the exotic flora & fauna – Costa