Peter Eastway

Peter Eastway

About Peter Eastway APP-L, G.M. Photog., Hon. FAIPP, FNZIPP, Hon. FNZIPP, FAIPP Peter Eastway is an Australian photographer known internationally for his landscape photography and creative use of post-production. A practicing professional, he shoots editorially (mainly for Better Photography magazine) and works selectively in advertising and portraiture. Peter has been involved in photographic magazine publishing for over 30 years, establishing his own title, Australia's Better Photography Magazine, in 1995. As a result, Peter and his websites are a wealth of information on how to capture, edit and print, offering tutorials, videos and inspiration for amateur and professional photographers. Peter’s work has been published and exhibited internationally over the past 40 years. He was the author of the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Landscape Photography. His photography has featured on the cover of the Lonely Planet’s guide to Australia, in articles in the Qantas in-flight magazine, and in an international Apple television commercial. And he has worked with Phase One researching and promoting its high-end medium format cameras and Capture One raw processing software. He was one of the featured photographer in the first Tales By Light television series aired on the National Geographic Channel in Australia and produced in partnership with Canon Australia. It can currently be viewed on Netflix. Peter Eastway is a Grand Master of Photography, a Fellow and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and a Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. He won the 1996 and 1998 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year Award. He is a WPPI Master of Photography. He is an ambassador for a number of international photography brands, including Canson, Eizo, Epson, Momento Pro, Nisi, Phase One, SanDisk, The Edge Photo Imaging, Wacom and Zenfolio. Peter speaks nationally and internationally on topics including landscape photography, Photoshop techniques, publishing and the business of professional photography. Peter is in his fifties, rides a short surfboard, believes two skis are better than one, and in case you're buying him lunch, he is vegetarian.
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Landscape & Environment

Do Landscapes Need To Be Factual?

One of the most emotive questions facing landscape photographers today is whether their images should be factual. If you take a photograph in Yosemite, should


A fogbow on a recent trip to Svalbard with Kevin Raber and a great bunch of Luminous Landscape photographers! It was a lot of fun processing the image that night while on board the Sea Endurance!

Post-Production On Location

Processing your files while traveling is great fun, so it’s really important that the monitor you are using is up to the job! Peter Eastway

The Making of The Pilbara Storm

Technical Details: Phase One P65+ digital back on an Alpa TC with a 23mm Rodenstock lens, f5.6, 1/125 second, ISO 50,  tripod mounted, stitched.They say

The Making of Belmonte Castle

Phase One P45+ digital back on a Mamiya 645 AFD II with a 28mm Mamiya D lens,f8, 1/125 second, tripod mounted, six images stitched together.Travelling

The Making of the Stirling Ranges

Australia is not known for its towering peaks and rugged mountain ranges. Indeed, its tallest mountain just tops 2,000 metres, so when you find a