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September 11, 2014 ·

Kevin Raber

Mylio On A Mac – Adjustment Tab

Looking For Beta Testers

A few months ago I was introduced to (under strict NDA) a new and unique photo application.  Since the iPad and iPhone came out I have been searching for a program that would allow me to view my images, make adjustments and have these adjustments synced on all the devices.  Well, the time has come and the program is here.  Welcome to Mylio.
 While we are not associated with Mylio, we have been using the program for around 6 weeks now.  I am truly impressed and more so excited about how Mylio is maturing and where it is headed.  The Mylio team has asked Luminous-Landscape to help them find 100 Beta Testers.  

Mylio is a software solution for photographers who want to spend more time enjoying their photo collections.  I recently used Mylio on a trip to Svalbard.  I was able to import my images into Lightroom and almost immediately the images were appearing on my iPad. I could then sit out on the back deck of the boat and sort, adjust and rate the images and then see these changes in Lightroom.  It also worked the other way where Lightroom adjustments were applied to the iPad.  It was all pretty cool.  I was able to make albums, select people on the trip and tag them.  Then using powerful sorting filters I could show all four star images of John Smith, and then email those to him.

Locations – Shown By Folder, Plus On A Map

I was shooting with a Nikon D800E on the trip with a GPS module and Mylio was able to show in the locations module where the images were taken.  I could do slideshows, share images by email with friends as well as post images to Facebook.

Desktop On A Mac With Side Bars Closed

I am discovering new things to do with Mylio everyday.  Just today I discovered I could import all the images I had posted on Facebook. I did that and made an album with my favorites.  Now, I can share these images without going to Facebook.

The iPad With Adjsutment Panel Open

The cool thing is now when I go out with my iPad (say to a dinner with friends) I can filter images and share my trips as well as other events really easily.  Mylio also backs a complete set of my originals up to the Mylio Cloud.  Now I have images on my laptop and external drives plus a copy in the cloud.  No matter what device you use the program looks the same.  There has been a lot of thought and work that has gone into the interface of this program.

The Mac With Adjustement Panel Open

Is all of this kind of overwhelming?  Yes it is, but it is really easy to use and understand once you get into it.  I have found the Mylio team helpful and supportive as I have learned my way through the program and made suggestions on improvements.  I think you might be impressed with this.

The Mac The Sync Panel Open

Being a Beta Tester is risky and you should be aware of this before signing up.  While the version of Mylio I am running now is pretty stable, it is still a beta.  By being a beta tester you’ll have a chance to contribute to a new and pretty revolutionary product that will only get better based on user feedback and needs.  Plus you get a head start on using this unique program.

Mylio On An iPhone

If you are interested you can SIGN UP HERE. You will receive an email if you are part of the first 100 testers and an invitation to participate in a special forum to leave feedback.   You should be aware that this will be a subscription service.  So, for your help in testing you will receive 6 months of FREE access.  All of this will explained on the Mylio website.

So, What Is Mylio?

• It is a complete photo management system that: • Mylio will automatically manage and protect your photo library across computers, external hard drives, network storage devices, and the cloud. • Is designed to handle libraries with up to 250,000 photos without slowing you, your device or your network down. 

• Works on Windows devices, Macs, iPads and iPhones (iPhone 5) • Lets you edit both jpeg and RAW images• Works with your Lightroom or Photoshop workflow

LuLa Disclsoure . . .

Michael and I have been using Mylio now for the last 6 weeks or so.  We like the guys at Mylio, their enthusiasm and passion for photography.  They are good listeners and work real hard to understand a photographers needs. Most of their team are photographers.  We are like you beta testers.  We do not endorse this program, but we are enjoying it.  When the time comes and it is a final product we will do a review on it and as we always are we will honest with our experiences.  We also hope to do a back story about Mylio as it a very interesting story on how this product came to be and the dreams the management team at Mylio have for it in the future. The bottom line is we felt this would be a great opportunity for LuLa readers to be part of something that could be big.  Let us know what you think.


Published September 9, 2014

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