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December 20, 2010 ·

Miles Hecker

Taos Pueblo

Bad Boys of Yellowstone

©Miles Hecker



Like most wildlife the coat on bison looks the best in winter or spring . In the summer they shed out large chunks of fur and look quite shabby. A snowy background also isolates the animal better.

The fellow at left is a large bull that challenged our snow coach for the right of way near Yellowstone lake . After a game of cat and mouse with the driver he finally yielded to our 10,000 pound snow coach. I shot him looking rather defiant while hanging out the window of our snow coach.


Unlike most wildlife bison are active throughout the day. They use their large head to plow the snow and dig for forage. The above shot was taken at a focal length of 250mm on a full sensor camera.


LENS: 70-300mm focal length for a crop sensor or full frame camera.


Slide films: Fuji Provia 400X


About Miles Hecker

Miles has been involved with photography for over forty years. He teaches digital photography at Casper College in Casper,Wyoming. His photos have won awards fromNatures Best magazine,Photo.net, The Luminous LandscapeandWyoming WIldlife . Miles’ photos have been published in American Vignette, Backpacker Magazine, Natures Best Images, Popular Photography, Wyoming Audubon, and Wyoming Wildlife. He is co-founder ofWyoFOTO LLC.


December, 2010

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