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Phase One goes 100% untethered with new P-seriesPhase One A/S,Copenhagen,January30 th , 2004:Phase One â , the world leader in

digital imaging solutions, is proud to announce a brand new generation of high-end

portable digital camera backs: The Phase One P 25 and P 20.

Henrik Håkonsson , CEO at Phase One states: �Phase One has always had a great reputation for our exceptional image quality. Our target market, the commercial photographer, who works mostly in the studio, has had a truly productive workhorse that has helped him increase sales and make a good profit. For these people quality is imperative and this is why they choose Phase One�.

�The professional photographer should continue to choose Phase One because of image quality. However, with our new, exciting P-series�, he continues,�we have spiced up the product line by making the camera back 100% untethered . This way the photographer can choose his own workflow: If he wants to work untethered on location or tethered in the studio or vice versa. It is up to him. We just provide him with the flexibility to do so�.

50 captures per minute

Clearly, Phase One�s two new P backs: The P 25 (22 mega-pixels) and especially the very fast P 20 (16 mega-pixels) will open up new markets for Phase One. A capture rate of up to 50 captures per minute and fully untethered operation makes the P 20 a perfect solution for portrait, fashion and all-round commercial shooters.

To meet the demands of these photographers, the P 20 will be available for auto focus cameras like: Hasselblad H1, Mamiya 645 AFD and Contax 645 AF.

Also, Phase One will be coming out with new workflow software, which is optimized for on location shooting and extremely simple to work with. It�s called: Capture One SE (special edition). Phase One�s current Capture One software, renowned for its wide range of professional and very productive tools and ease of use, will continue to improve and it will of course be possible to upgrade from the Capture One SE version if required.

Raw file compression on-the-fly

Phase One provides the photographer with complete flexibility, faster workflow and easier archiving by offering on-the-fly raw file compression. You have two options:  â��Highâ�� – a lossless compression that takes the raw file down to half its size and saves space on the memory card and enables a much faster workflow when transferring or archiving files. â��Lowâ�� â�� a compression that takes your file further down in size.

Shooting untethered

�We are proud to be able to offer high quality untethered shooting. We have done everything in our power to optimize the writing speed to memory cards, minimize the heat generation inside the back and prepare the low power LCD screen for better viewing in for instance sunlight. We want to provide Phase One owners with the best solution. However, we still feel that working tethered and bringing a computer with you on critical jobs is a major advantage for the professional photographer due to the better preview capabilities, the storage capacity as well as the affect the large preview has on the clients. Of course, in the end it is up the photographer.� Henrik Håkonssen states.

Get started immediately: Order today

The new P-series will start shipping in May 2004. If you want to be first in line to receive this sensational back from Phase One you can place your order now. You pay for and get one of Phase One�s existing flagships (11, 16 or 22 mega-pixels) while waiting for your new P back. This way you can start making a profit shooting digitally right away! Prices on the new P products range from $ 16,990 to $ 32,990.

Phase One is renowned for its unique upgrade paths that give Phase One owners investment security. â��Once you are in the Phase One family, we do our utmost to keep your digital solution updated. Of course in this business technology moves fast and we try our best to keep up and make sure that our customers do not get lost on the way. Existing customers are always welcome to give their Phase One dealer a call and hear about their upgrade options.â�� Henrik HÃ¥konssen concludes.    

Ordering and shipping

71252/71255   Phase One P 25/P 20 for Mamiya 645 AFD

71251/71254   Phase One P 25/P 20 for Hasselblad H

71253/71256   Phase One P 25/ P 20 for Contax 645

71257              Phase One P 25 for Hasselblad V

The first P-models (P 20/P 25 for Mamiya 645 AFD and P 25 Hasselblad V) start shipping in May.

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