From Camera to Print

January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann

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From Camera to Print: 1– Introduction

Introduction & Disclosure

History of Inkjet Printing

A ‘secret’…


From Camera to Print: 2– Printer Models

Current Printer Review


Epson 3800
Epson 7800


Canon IPF 5000

Printer Heads

Ink cartridges & cost

Hewlett Packard:

HP B9180
HP Z3100

Manufacturer competition

From Camera to Print: 3– Compare Images, Paper Choice

Image Comparisonof HP Z3100 & Canon iPF5000

Paper Choices


From Camera to Print: 4– Optimize, Monitor Calibration

Optimize Imageat Exposure

Shoot Raw

Use the Histogram

Expose to the Right

Calibrating your monitor

When things look odd

ColorEyes display pro

From Camera To Print: 5 – Scanning Film


Epson Scan


Scanning with Silverfast

Profile your Scanner

histogram adjustment

curves adjustment

Scan RAW


From Camera To Print: 6 – JPEG, Bit Depth & Colour Space

JPEG compression

8 bit or 16 bit?

Colour Spaces


The Bottom Line


From Camera To Print: 7 – Optimal RAW Processing

Optimal RAW Processing


white balance


colour saturation

mid-tone contrast enhancement


Photoshop for Local Adjustment


Soft Proofing

Other Raw Processors


From Camera To Print: 8 – Noise Reduction

Noise reduction (LightRoom)

Another RAW advantage

Noise reduction (Camera Raw)

Noise Ninja


Fine tuning the adjustment

Colour noise reduction at RAW

Evaluating noise reduction


From Camera To Print: 9 – Profiling


Camera Profiling

3 choices

not in LightRoom or Camera Raw

use AcrCalibrator script

3rd party services

Color Eyes

Who should create camera profiles

AcrCalibrator cont’d

Printer Profiling

Sources for Printer Profiles

Making a Printer Profile

with Eye-One Match

Printing a Printer Profile Target

Measuring the Target

Profile Saving & Naming

Profiling Summary

From Camera To Print: 10 – Input Sharpening

Input Sharpening

in LightRoom

Sharpening different image types




Edge Masking


Defaults for non-RAW

Evaluating input sharpening


From Camera To Print: 11 – PhotoKit Sharpener

Sharpening with PhotoKit Sharpener

Local Contrast Enhancement

Input sharpening

Flatten & Save As

Size for Output Sharpening

Output Sharpening

Flatten & Save As




From Camera To Print: 12 – Resolution


Use native resolution


with PhotoKit Super Sharpener

Using Super Sharpener

for Local Sharpening Effects

Visible Resolution

Print Viewing distance

Resolution’s ‘sweet spots’

Printers’ Native Resolutions

Uprez in CameraRaw or Photoshop?

Uprez Summary

More supporting evidence

Test it on your printer


From Camera To Print: 13 – Photoshop Colour Settings

Photoshop Color Settings

More Options

Working spaces

Color Management

Conversion Options

Advanced Controls

Save Preset!

Save Preset & Units as Action


From Camera To Print: 14 – Soft Proofing

Soft Proofing

choose Profile

Display Options

Render Intent

Save Proof Condition Setup

What do you do?

Curves Correction

Saturation Bump

Punch Black

Adjustment details

The Bottom Line

Compare Screen to Print

Gamut Warning?

Set Proof Default



From Camera To Print: 15 – Printing from Windows

Printing from Windows

Printing from CS3

Print… Select Printer

Color Handling

Printer Profile

Rendering Intent

Live Soft Proofing

Page Setup



Print Preview?

Print from LightRoom


From Camera To Print: 16 – CS2 & CS3 Print Settings

CS2 & CS3 Print Settings

CS2 Print with Preview

CS3 Page Setup Print

Color Handling


Print Settings

Printer Color Management


CS2 Windows?

Future Improvements?


From Camera To Print: 17 – Solutions to multiple Print settings

Solutions to Multiple Print screens…

HP: Photosmart Pro print

Canon: image PROGRAF



From Camera To Print: 18 – Print from Lightroom

Printing from Lightroom…



Resolution & Print Size

Print Sharpening

Print Workflow


Choose Profile!

Update Preset!

Page Setup

Print Settings Gotcha!

Save Preset to STANDARD!

Paper Type/Quality

Print… or Print!



From Camera To Print: 19 – RIPs

Raster Image Processors…

Imageprint 7

Do you need a RIP?



From Camera To Print: 20 – Books


Image Sharpening

Color Management Printing

Black & White

History of Digital Printing

Care of Photographs


From Camera To Print: 21 – B&W + Lightroom Workflow

B&W Conversion in Lightroom

A Lightroom workflow…




Grayscale Mix

Split Toning

Save Preset

Print in colour?


From Camera To Print: 22 – B&W in CS3 & Three Prints

B&W conversion in CS 3

apply as Adj. Layer

Dr. Brown’s Hue & Saturation

local adjustment

set blacks to black


Print with Advanced B&W – Epson

Printer Color Management

3 Prints


From Camera To Print: 23 – Matteing & Framing

Matte Cutting…



Backing Board

De-Roller details

Cutting matte board

T-hinge & corners

Sign the Print, set the matte

Tape the Matte

Acrylic ‘glass’



From Camera To Print: 24 – Wrap-up

Some prints…

A glass of wine

on the future of Printing

a new aesthetic?






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