Introduction to Printing by MS

November 21 & 22

This fall and winter’s seminar series at theLuminous Landscape Gallery & Print Studioin Toronto begins with a two day weekend seminar byMark SegaltitledAn Introduction to Digital Image Processing. Mark is a photographer and teacher with many decades of photographic experience and is also a frequent contributor to this site, as well as a consultant to several software development companies and training book authors.

Here’s the course outline…



Gradation and Bit Depth


What is colour?
Colour models (RGB, CMYK Lab)
Colour Relationships
Colour Spaces
Measuring Colour
White Point

Digital Imagers

Image quality (exposure, resolution, noise, anti-aliasing, bit depth)
Camera choices (relating specs with objectives)

File Formats & Raw Capture

Raw, DNG, XMP data
Demosaic, Colour Working Space

Output Devices and Media(Specs and Needs)

Inkjet Printers
Papers (characteristics and longevity)
A few words about computing requirements

Colour Management

What is it?
Why is it needed?
Technique (CMS, Profiles, PCS)
Limitations and softproofing; rendering intents
Colour management for the Internet

Accessing Images in Editing Programs

Photoshop Elements
Bridge for Camera Raw and Photoshop

Intro to Image Editing Basics(1 – Global Editing)

The histogram
White Balance
Luminosity (Levels, Curves, Channels)
Colour adjustments (Hue, Saturation, Luminosity, Channels)
Sharpening Workflow
Image Size (resampling and no resampling)

Survey of Key Adobe Applications; Workflow with:

Photoshop, Bridge and Camera Raw
Photoshop Elements
Setting Program Preferences in each
Several key Plug-ins (non-Adobe)

Intro to Image Editing Basics(2 – Local Editing)

Local Contrast Enhancement
Selections, Painting, Masking
Blending and Blend Modes

Black and White Conversion

Why do it?
Methods and Application

Making Prints

Colour management settings for printing
Profile set-up and soft-proofing
Working examples with single images

Practice at Applying Concepts and Making Prints

At this stage you will work-up several of your own images in the program of your choosing, we will review your procedures and results together, and print the images using state-of-the-art printers and paper.

Producing a Web Page in Lightroom or in Photoshop

Managing Image Files for Convenient Storage and Retrieval




Who is it For?

This seminar is intended for anyone from near beginners to intermediate level photographers who wish to gain a more in-depth command of image processing.


The Manual

As part of your tuition you will be provided with a comprehensive illustrated training manual that summarizes and details all of the material that is covered in the seminar. This will be provided in both printed form as well as on CD as a searchable PDF file.


When and Where

This seminar takes place on the weekend ofSaturday, Nov 21 and Sunday Nov 22, in Toronto at Michael Reichmann’sLuminous Landscape Gallery and Print Studio. Michael will be in attendance to assist Mark with Q&A and also to address questions which attendees may have about the course material or related subjects.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop and whatever image processing software they may have, including Photoshop Elements, Photoshop (all versions), Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw, and Lightroom. Other software may be used, but training will focus on these programs. Those without a laptop will still find the seminar of great interest and utility.

Seminar hours are from 9 am till 4 pm on both days, and both breakfast and lunch will be served at the gallery, and is included in the tuition fee.

Epson, 3880, 7900 and HP 3100 printers will be available for print making.

This seminar has 20 seats and will sell out quickly, so if you want an intensive introduction to the many topics associated with image processing and printing, this seminar isn’t to be missed.



The fee for this seminar is CDN$595inclusive of all taxes. Also included are a catered breakfast and lunch at the gallery on both days.

Payment must be made in advance and your space is not confirmed until payment has been received. Payment may only be made by check (sorry, no credit cards).

If you have to cancel before the seminar a refund, less $100, will be made, but only if your space can be filled by someone else.

To register for this seminar please send your name, address and phone number to Michael Reichmann, and we will reply with details on where to send payment. We will also provide out-of-towners with recommended hotels in the downtown area of Toronto at various price points.

October, 2009