MH-01 Really Right Stuff High-Capacity Monopod Head

Last Fall I reviewed theManfrotto 685B Monopod, and described how versatile it could be when shooting with small cameras. Of course monopods are also widely used by sports and wildlife photographers when using larger rigs, but the question then becomes, what type of head to use? A mini-ball head just won’t handle the weight, and larger ones can be inappropriate for this application.

Really Right Stuffhas a solution in the form of theMH-01 High Capacity Monopod Head. Weighing only 8.8 ounces it is rated to hold 75 pounds. Of course it can be used with just about any monopod, and even a tripod if and when its capabilities would prove preferable to using a ballhead. The price ranges between about $200 and $260 depending on the type of mounting plate attached. Quality of materials and construction in up to RRS’ usual world-class standards.

Click to Play Video

The brief video linked above shows the MH-01 with a large DSLR and lens attached so that you can better see what it looks like and how it works. Highly recommended if you need this type of set-up for your particular application

March, 2009