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Monument Valley – In Depth

April 14 – 18, 2000Workshop 420

Join a unique landscape photography workshop this coming spring.Monument Valley – In Depth. Conducted by Michael Reichmann and Steve Kossack, this workshop will be limited to just 6 participants.

The Mittens

The Mittens at Sunrise — Monument Valley, 1999

The Workshop

From before sunrise each day until after sunset, this workshop will be aboutdoingphotography in one of the world’s most dramatic locations. No lectures, no slide shows, no commercial promotions. You and five other photographers will work with Michael and Steve exploring the wonders and photographic opportunities of the Valley and surrounding area. As well, the weekend we have chosen coincides with a full-moon. There will truly be some wonderful opportunities for photography and the Valley will be relatively uncrowded at this time of year.

The Workshop Leaders

The workshop leader, (and publisher of this site) isMichael Reichmann, a photographer, author and teacher with more than 30 years behind the camera.Steve Kossackis a talented wilderness photographer and has specialized in shooting the Southwest for many years. Both of us have shot in Monument Valley before. Images and descriptions from our most recent trip there, in addition to the ones on this page, can be foundHERE

Biblical SceneBiblical Scene— Monument Valley, 1999

About the Workshop

Each morning for 3 full days we will be up before sunrise and on location. We will have a shooting itinerary for each day, but there will be flexibility and scope for serendipity. This workshop is not about basic instruction, though that will certainly be available if anyone wishes. Instead, we will all be working and shooting the landscape of Monument Valley together, sharing ideas and techniques.

Discussion will be a major part of the workshop — not lectures. You will be free to work independently, or closely alongside Michael and Steve. What lenses to use, what filters, exposure issues and problems? Understanding perspective and light. Dealing with contrast, color and monochrome. There will be time to explore all of these topics, in words,and action.

Simply put, what we will achieve is an opportunity for you to work closely with an experienced landscape photographer. You will explore famous as well as hidden locations. Your fellow photographers will provide feedback and share their vision.

There will be opportunities to capture many powerful and unique images for your portfolio.  As but one example, there will be a full Moon rising a half hour before sunset on the Sunday evening, over the unique and splendiferous formation known as The Mittens.(The location is seen in the photograph at the top of this page. Image yourself there, equipment ready, shooting the rising full moon as the sun slowly sets behind you, plunging the peaks into darkness against a reddened sky.)  

Who Should Attend?

If you love doing landscape photography, this workshop is for you! Attendees will range from relative beginners to experienced photographic artists. The workshop is aboutdoingphotography andsharinginformation. Michael and Steve are there as guides, advisors, mentors and resources.

You will be doingyourphotography, atyour pace, not just watching someone else do his. Advise, hints and critique will be available — if desired, but this weekend is about you, and what you need and want to do.

After SunsetAfter Sunset — Monument Valley, 1999 

What Formats will People be Shooting?

Participants will be working in everything from 35mm and medium format to large-format. Bring a single body and lens, or your whole 50lb kit. Bring whatever gear works for you, but remember — you’ll be carrying it a good part of the day, so choose carefully. We’ll be shooting before sunrise and after sunset each day and a good tripod should be part of your technique most of the time in any event. 

Discussion about equipment and technique will be a big part of the workshop and there will be lots of opportunity to learn how others work, what equipment they use, and why.

Travel and Accommodation

The workshop begins on Friday evening, April 14th, 2000 atGouldings Lodge, a comfortable hotel located just a few miles from the entrance to the Valley. Gouldings will be our accommodation and base of operations during the three days of shooting.

We will explore the park in 2 Ford Explorers, with four people in each vehicle — allowing lots of room for equipment and tripods. At least 2 special trips into the Valley accompanied by knowledable local Navajo guides will allow us to explore parts of the Valley unavailable to other visitors.

Yellow Strip HighwayYellow Stripe Hwy, leading up to Monument Valley, 1999

You are responsible for your own transportationtoGouldings near Monument Valley. (See #1 below regarding optional free transportation from Las Vegas.) We take over from there.  You should note that Monument Valley is remote — one of the remotest places in the USA. That’s one of the reasons that it’s so special. It is approximately a 7 hour drive from Las Vegas, 9 hours from Denver, 6 hours from Albuquerque and 8 hours from Salt Lake City. The closest city with a major airport is Flagstaff, 3 hours away by car.

If driving, you may park free at the lodge for the duration of the workshop. (#1) If you will be flying in we can arrange forfree transportationto and from the Valley, but close coordination of flight times at Las Vegas airport will be necessary. Steve and I will be driving the Explorers from there, and if you fly in and out at a convenient time we’ll do all the driving at no extra cost to you.

The workshop will formally end after sunset on Monday evening, April 17. Because of the remoteness of Monument Valley from any major city you should allow most of Tuesday the 18th to drive back to Las Vegas or other departure city, and then plan to fly to your home city in the late afternoon or evening.  Though the workshop will be formally over, accommodation at Gouldings for Monday eveningis included in your fee, and as mentioned above, free transportation to Las Vegas on Tuesday morning can be arranged.

How Strenuous Will it Be?

We will be working out of the Explorers a great deal of the time. Usually there will be short hikes from the vehicles to a shooting location, so a manageable shoulder bag or back-pack type camera case is advised.

There will be opportunities for some more energetic hikes to a few special locations, but these will be optional.

Unique Extras

Because theMonument Valley – In Depthworkshop is conducted byThe Luminous Landscape Inc., as an attendee you will receive several unique extras.

A private section on this web site’sDiscussion Forumwill be available to all attendees, from the moment that you sign-up, and continuously afterward, even when the Workshop itself is past. Participants and workshop leaders will have an opportunity to get to know each other on-line beforehand, and will be able to keep in touch after the seminar.

After the workshop attendees will be able to submit their work for critique on-line, if they wish, by the other attendees and the workshop leaders. A private display space will be created exclusively for workshop participants.

Attendees will be given a public section onThe Luminous Landscapeweb site where they can, if they wish, publicly exhibit images shot during the workshop.


The 3 days seminar workshop is all inclusive. It includes workshop tuition, 4 nights of accommodation at Gouldings Lodge, optional transportation from Las Vegas, in-park transportation and entrance fees, breakfast and lunch (in the field), and dinner each day. All of this forUSD $750.00including the Unique Extras mentioned above. There are no other charges! Of course you will provide your own equipment and film. The cost of any alcohol consumed is, of course, not included. 

A deposit of $250 will be required by mail within 10 days of your electronic registration, and the balance of $500 no later than March 15, 2000. Cancellations prior to March 15 will receive a refund of all except $25 of the $250 deposit. Between March 15 and April 1 a 50% refund of the full fee will apply. There will be no refunds after April 1.

This is an opportunity to eat, sleep and breath landscape photography in one of the world’s most beautiful valleys. Begin the new year, the century and the millennium with the photography trip that you’ve always wanted to take. Don’t miss it. There are only 6 spaces available!

Steve & Guide.JPG (6837 bytes)Steve and Navajo Guide,  Monument Valley, 1999


A detailed itinerary and shooting location list will be provided to registered participants.

Friday, April 14, 2000

Arrive Las Vegas before noon (if driving to Monument Valley with workshop leaders), or other airport if driving alone, and then travel to Gouldings Trading Post and Lodge in Monument Valley. An orientation dinner will start the Workshop that evening.

Saturday, April 15, 2000

Shooting within Monument Valley and the surrounding area; sunrise to sunset.

Sunday, April 16, 2000

 Shooting within Monument Valley and the surrounding area; sunrise to sunset.

Monday, April 17, 2000

 Shooting within Monument Valley and the surrounding area; sunrise to sunset.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Optional Sunrise shoot, and then return drive to Las Vegas or other gateway city. Fly home.

Liability Limitation

The Luminous Landscape Inc., our instructors, guides, and cooperating agents aim to provide every participant a safe, educational, and enjoyable experience. We act solely as agents for you regarding accommodations, special activities, and travel, by any means, and assume no liability for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, delay, mishap, or damage to persons or property arising from any cause during the course of the workshop or in transit thereto. We can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in the services to be provided. We reserve the right to change our arrangements should conditions necessitate, or to cancel any aspect of the workshop due to exceptional circumstances. In the event that we deem it necessary to cancel the workshopafterApril 1, 2000, we will provide a full refund which the participant acknowledges as full and final settlement.

As there is always an element of risk in any adventure associated with the outdoors, participants must read this form carefully. This liability release will certify that the participant is physically fit and capable of participating in outdoor photography exercises in field locations, and is fully and completely aware of any associated risks created by field locations and weather.

By Submitting the Workshop Registration Form I acknowledge that I have read the above information concerning responsibility and releaseThe Luminous Landscape Inc. and Michael Reichmann, their guides, instructors and any cooperating agent from any liability.The Luminous Landscape Inc. and Michael Reichmann will assume no liability for injury, illness, or loss of personal property or expenses thereof associated with workshop participation.

Since there are just six places available,Monument Valley – In Depthis bound to sell out quickly.  To fill out a Registration Form simply clickhereor on the button below.  If you have any questions before registering, clickhereto send an e-mail inquiry.


Michael Reichmann

Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape. Michael passed away in May 2016. Since its inception in 1999 LuLa has become the world's largest site devoted to the art, craft, and technology of photography. Each month more than one million people from every country on the globe visit LuLa.

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