Photographic Examples-13-Four River Rocks

Alain Briot


Four River Rocks

Color as inspiration

I found these four rocks while looking for photographic possibilities along the shore of the San Juan River in Southern Utah.  I was not looking for rocks in particular, or for details specifically.  In fact, I rarely photograph details, preferring to focus on the grand landscape rather than on close ups.

What attracted me were the colors of the rocks as well as their grouping.  Certainly, I isolated this grouping among countless other rocks along the shore. However, I did not re-arrange them.  I rarely if ever re-arrange anything in my images.  It just takes too long and I never manage to make it look right.  Nature makes it look right.  I make it look contrived.  If I re-arrange, what I photograph is my arrangement.  While if Nature arranges it, I photograph Nature’s arrangement.

At any rate I let my creativity take over and guide me towards this image.  As it is it stands as one of the few details I have created and shown.  Many of these never get shown, or receive a less than maximum exposure.  In this instance what I liked the most was the color of the rocks and the arrangement of the stones. They look as if they formed a small community along the shore, each bringing its uniqueness to the group, until a wave comes along and pushes them away, down the river and into the current.

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Alain Briot,
Vistancia, Arizona
March 2012