Photographic Examples-7-Playa Reflections 2

Alain Briot


Playa Reflections #2


This image was created almost exactly 1 year afterPlaya Reflections 1which is featured in the previous essay in this series.

When I created Playa Reflections 1 I thought I had gone a little too far in terms of creativity.  However, the response to this image proved that I was on to something.  This first image quickly became a best seller and was used as the cover image for my first book.  It was also widely hot-linked on MySpace, although this is both good and bad.

This motivated me to go further, and one year later I created Playa Reflections 2 as a result.  The inspiration for this image is quite similar to Playa Reflections 1.  However, I did not want to do a copy of my first image, and thus sought to be creative in different ways.  My use of a yellow tone for the foreground sand caused me to, once again, wonder if I had gone too far.  However, once again this image became a best seller proving that continued creativity as well as going further into my vision was the proper thing to do.

Alain Briot
Vistancia, Arizona
October 2010


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