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I have been an avid reader of The Luminous Landscape for a couple years now and I have been wanting to try the video journals for quite some time. The DVD’s would be nice, but after shipping they were a little pricey. This direct download model works much better since the end cost to me is no more than buying a magazine off the shelf. I’ll certainly buy more down the road.

All in all, the downloads worked great, I’m already most of the way through the videos, and I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve seen. The Bangladesh segments are awe-inspiring. Video quality is totally acceptable.

I’ve been dithering about whether to subscribe to the DVD version of the Video Journal. Yesterday, however, I took the plunge and bought the download of VJ15. Thank you Luminous Landscape! The content and delivery are superb, and I may still take out that DVD subscription.

I appreciate the fact that there is no need to subscribe so I can buy the videos when I want them and when the topic is of interest.

I had been debating with myself regarding not only becoming a subscriber, but also purchasing some back issues. Now that I see that this material will be available for download at a reduced cost.

I’m in! I really like the download idea – much easier then shipping to NZ!

Just downloaded the Video journal #15. The new feature of Luminous Landscape is absolutely excellent. The quality is outstanding,and of course the content and pictures from Bangladesh were superb.

Thanks again, for a job well done..I look forward to all of the issues for future download.

Firstly I would like to commend you for taking the step of making the Luminous Landscape available for download. I have wanted to subscribe to the Journal for some time now but the added cost of having it shipped to Australia was a bit much. As soon as I saw it was downloadable for $9.95 I was through the checkout in minutes!

I very much enjoyed issue 15 – especially the color management part with Bill Atkinson. I watched the Bangladesh part with my wife (whom my photographic obsession drives crazy) and even she very much enjoyed it.

I have been meaning to try at least one of the journals but never got around to it–just to sample. However, the ‘right price’ of the dl and the ability to ‘do it now’ encouraged me to try one for the first time. The dl was painless and I really enjoyed watching all the Bangladesh sections (which totally fascinated me) and the one on matting and mounting. With the cost less than half the DVDs—it was a no brainer to try them. Also–with a wide format monitor the Quicktime movie was good enough to watch full screen. I’d highly recommend it. I will watch the section on color management and Lenswork (my favorite magazine) when I have time—nice that the downloads are by subject and you can watch at your leisure. Thanks Michael.

I always considered subscribing to the LLVJ but having the ability to DL the videos directly got me up over the hill. Enjoyed it all immensely. Looking forward to the older issues as well as the upcoming ones when they become available for direct DL.

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