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The Current Issue ofThe Luminous Landscape Video Journal.

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Issue #13 contains 2 hours and 45 minutes hours of broadcast quality programming.

"I am absolutely blown away by the production quality! I am not sure what I expected, but the reality far exceeded my expectations.
I have found the individual segments generally very helpful, particularly the product reviews and instructional pieces, and I have viewed several of them multiple times.


An African Photographic Safari

Photographing big game in Tanzania with Andy Biggs


Workflow – Part Two

The second of a two-part tutorial on digital photography workflow from the camera to the printer. A close look at Capture 1 Pro & the complete workflow within Photoshop after RAW conversion. Includes: cropping; local contrast enhancement; capture, creative and output sharpening; directory/folder & file naming strategy; dust removal; B&W conversion; noise reduction.

Lumious Landscapes

A print critique with workshop participant
Norris MacPhadyen; with Andrzej Taramina

Featured Interviews

A visit with Phase One; CEO Henrik Håkonsson, and VP R&D Claus Mølgaard


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