Where the #%*! are my pictures?

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This Tutorial teaches the strategies and techniques
that allow you to know exactly where & what your pictures are and
to find them with a few key strokes—whether you have 500 or 50,000+



The tutorial is hosted by Michael Reichmann & Seth Resnick. Seth is a highly successful professional stock & editorial photographer. He is also a principal ofD65which offers workshops & seminars in photography and digital workflow.

If as a photographer, looking for a particular file or image, you have ever asked the question“Where is …?”or“Don’t I have a shot of…?”, then this tutorial is for you.

Watch Michael & Seth go through the strategies & techniques of file organization following a typical shoot. They use Adobe Lightroom  but the strategies are applicable to any Digital Asset Management program. As Michael says, “It’s the Concepts not the Keystrokes.”

The advent of digital photography has created a great need for the careful organization of files. To be effective, that organization must allow for the quick retrieval of any file that has been created; this must include originals, edited originals, layered working files, final output files and backups. The strategies must include those to select, name, choose media & media systems and to apply metadata easily and quickly.

Sounds complicated? Sounds time-consuming? It is not –ifeffectively organized and executed. This is what you will learn. More often than not it is a case ofdo once,use many times.

File backup and archiving is another part of organization. This Tutorial will teach the most effective strategy for true file backup.

About The Tutorial

The L-L Tutorial “Where the #%*! are my Pictures?” is comprehensive and in-depth. It consists of over 3 hours of live video training. The price is just US $30.

About This Video

The video was shot in March 2009 in Miami Beach using Lightroom 2. The video cameras used were Sony EX-1 & a Sony SR12.

Equipment used:

– Mac Pro & 30″ Cinema Display

Special Thanks

Many thanks are due to Jamie Spritzer & Luci Resnick for allowing us to interrupt their lives for three days! Oh yeah… and thanks to Leo too!


Shot and edited by Christopher Sanderson.


All video is ©2009 Terra Luma Inc. All Rights Reserved

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there are no shipping costs, import taxes, or duties.


Michael & Jeff LR2

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Learn to organize your photographs – Now!


June, 2009