An Interview with Leica’s Peter Karbe-Intro

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This video was shot in mid-August, 2009 at Leica’s Solms, Germany main engineering and manufacturing plant.

Our small group of web journalists were given broad ranging access to Leica’s management and engineering team. We had the great pleasure of interviewing Peter Karbe, Leica’s head of optical devlopment for the past eight years and one of the world’s leading optical designers. This video interview runs 35 minutes and in it Peter primarily discusses the Leica S2’s new lens family.

Regrettably, one of the individuals attending the briefing with Peter Karbe indicated that they did not wish to have their voice appear in the recording. Therefore I have muted the audio briefly in several instances, substituting subtitles, and have also had to edit out some substantial sections of the interview. I regret that this makes the presentation choppier and less intelligible than it might otherwise be.

September, 2009