Landscape & Environment

The Almost Hidden Path: Michael Walsh

“I mostly use an Olympus XA4 Macro and a Chinon Zoom 3000 Wide. The film stock I usually use is Kodak Colour Plus 200. Sometimes

Photographer Profiles

Profile: Awe and The Odyssey with Rachael Talibart

Occasionally, photography has a way of reaching into our collective psyche and ringing a bell, creating a sound both nostalgic and numinous. We often attempt

Photographer Profiles

Profile: The Relentless Jessica Eaton

Jessica Eaton has a problem: people always want to know how she makes her photographs, but few are capable of understanding the explanation. The Montreal-based

Profile: Summer On The Way with Mark Sommerfeld

  A few months ago a photograph taken for the NYT of the ever-polarizing Jordan Peterson began circulating on my FB feed and within my

Profile: Looking For Light with Adam Krawesky

After burning out from a decade of recording music and touring, I spent a few years running a clothing and fine art/fashion magazine shop in

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