A Call For Authors

The Luminous Landscape is looking for authors of product reviews, tests and tutorials on all aspects of photography. If you are an experienced writer — or believe that you have the skills — we welcome your proposals and submissions.

Product Reviews

We are looking for equipment tests including cameras, lenses and accessories. As well we welcome reviews and test reports on digital image processing hardware and software as well as printers.


Do you have a particular photographic technique that you’d like to share? How about a PhotoShop or other image processing tip? Are you a traditional darkroom worker with some special approach to film processing or printing? We’re looking for contributions in all these areas.

Contribution Guidelines

We welcome contributions from established authors as well as newcomers. The guidelines for contributions are simple. If you would like to submit a piece that has already appeared in print elsewhere (and obviously one to which you retain republication rights), please submit it directly to the email address below.

Otherwise, I welcome submissions from potential contributors in the form of a proposal. Nothing formal is needed. Just a sentence or two outlining the nature of the proposed piece. A few words about who you are and your experience would also be appreciated.

The Fine Print

  1. Previously published work must posses definitive republication rights.
  2. Previously published work (print or online) should be submitted in completed form.
  3. If you are going to write something new please propose it first in a brief email before you proceeding. (I don’t want you to waste your time).
  4. All submissions must be original work by the author and must be accompanied by a statement to that effect.
  5. You will maintain all rights to any submissions but you will provide The Luminous Landscape with the right to publish said work online and in any related venues including other forms of print or electronic distribution.
  6. There is no financial remuneration in exchange for publication on The Luminous Landscape.

If you have not already done so I urge you to go to the Table of Contents and read as many of the product reviews and tutorials as possible. This will familiarize you with both the style of articles that we are looking for as well as the subject matter that has already been covered.

Please submit your proposals, completed articles, or questions to Contributions.