Image Explorations EAST

January 13, 2009 ·

Michael Reichmann

Image Explorations EAST
A Five (5) Day Photographic Journey
of Self-Discovery, Adventure, Personal Growth and Professional Development

What will the week be like?

Image Explorations East (IE-E) is a five-day series of photographic workshops and trade show. At IE-E, their courses are hands-on intensive workshops where you are with the same instructor for the duration of the week. The Image Explorations experience is fashioned on the very successful “Texas School of Photography” in Houston Texas. This year, the Texas School had 700 students register in one weekend. The small class size and facilities at Brock University make the “price for experience ratio” excellent value for their students. The programs are a mixture of lectures, labs, marketing, hands-on demonstrations and sessions. All programs provide a stress-free atmosphere where you will forge new friendships, cultivate your visual strengths, and shape strategies for your development as an individual, professional and leader in the photographic industry. Classes start on Sunday afternoon (August 22/04) and finish on Thursday afternoon (August 26/04). Each evening will feature an all-school trade show and social activity.

Craig Minielly

Who will be attending IE-E?

IE-E is a great experience for seasoned veterans, aspiring professionals, as well as professional photographers just starting out in their careers. At IE-E everyone gathers to build on skills to learn from dedicated instructors. Students spend the days and evenings in an atmosphere where all are equal. All who attend are passionate about making images and sharing their photographic experiences. The IE experience makes a positive impact on your personal and business skills as well as ignite your creativity. In this environment all who attend do not feel intimated because everyone loves creating images and sharing their skills and knowledge with others. As a result, students achieve in-depth photographic knowledge from the same instructor and acquire life-long bonds with other image-making individuals.

Our Instructors for 2004!

First of all, because these are hands-on workshops, the average class size is 15 to 25 with a class maximum of 30, so students definitely get the full attention of their instructor. All the instructors will be shooting digital, so that when they finish a shooting session, the class comes back to their classroom/studio and view the images on an LCD projector. All students, upon completion of the course, will receive a “reference CD” with their instructor’s images shot that week.

Instructors are chosen very carefully.

Andre Amyot – from Quebec (Business/Marketing/Financial)

Doug Box – from Texas (Weddings/Portraits)

Brian Lee – from Ontario (Introductory Photoshop)

Jeff Lubin – from Washington DC (Children), (Lubin & MacGregor together)

Don MacGregor – from British Columbia (Familys) (MacGregor & Lubin together)

Craig Minielly – from British Columbia (Digital Portrait Production)

Ken Sklute – from Arizona (Weddings)

Eddie Tapp -from Florida (Advanced Photoshop)

Exclusive Trade Show

The IE-E trade show it’s truly a unique format for trade shows. Some trade will be in attendance for all five days. Others will attend the “Country Store” Trade/Banquet/BBQ night where our corporate sponsors will to be ready to sell their products or services at “special show rates” for IE-East students only. Almost all the trade-supplied equipment used by the instructors will be available for sale on the final night or at the wind-up luncheon. There will be a week-long silent auction, where photographic supplies and equipment will be auctioned at very favourable prices.

Jeff Lubin

Bursaries or Discounts

IE-E has been donating $100.00 tuition gift certificates for prizes at “camera club” meetings through-out Canada and the US. These clubs use them for 50/50 draws, door prizes as an added benefit to attending functions. Camera clubs who do not have these gift certificates only have to contact Rick Bell, the Executive Director ( ), to see how they may participate in our $100.00 tuition reduction bursaries.

All the sponsoring trade members, receive a number of $ 100.00 gift certificates with their sponsorship and if you approach your trade representative and if they have any left, you have “hit the jack pot” to a whole new learning experience.

There will also be a number of scholarships given at IE-E’s final day to attending students for next year’s 2005 Image Explorations EAST.


Brock University is a wonderful facility. Most of the buildings are new and the campus has magnificent grounds, as it sits on top of the Niagara escapement. The price for five days accommodation and three superb “all-you-can-eat meals” a day, is less than 2 nights accommodation at most hotels.

The Vallee Residence, where we will be staying offers, 250 single hotel-style, air-conditioned guestrooms. The residence style lodging is clean and comfortable. All residences are equipped with full linens, towels, face cloths, bar soap, glasses, telephones and ice buckets. All residences are equipped with telephones, that allow room-to-room calling, plus complimentary local, toll-free and incoming long-distance calling. Washrooms are en-suite.

The university’s dining room is recognized as one of the finest of it’s kind in the university system. The conference centre food services in the dining hall, banquet rooms, lounges and out-of-door BBQs are provided by Sodexho Marriott Services.

So to sum it up, each student pays only one fee for the week-long workshop, and receives individual instruction, an image reference CD to keep, superb dining, BBQ banquet and other fine cuisine, a trade show with IE-East specials, and evening fun and frivolity to boot.

Ken Sklute

For more information on theImage Explorations Experiencevisithttp://www.imageexplorations.comor contact Rick Bell directly at 416.410.8666

Directors Biographies:

Rick Bell MPA, Cr. Photog.(USA) -Executive Director

Rick has been active in professional educational development for over 30 years. He has been on the advisory boards of the four major photography colleges in Ontario. As a corporate, commercial, industrial photographer he has photographed for such esteem clients as Warner Bros., Ontario Power Generation, General Motors, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada’s Walk of Fame, Toronto International Film Festival and the Guggenheim Museum to name a few. Rick has won many National and Provincial awards and has images in the National Archives of Canada’s permanent loan collection in Ottawa. Along with his accomplishments as a Commercial photographer, he has held such professional association positions as Professional Photographers of Ontario (PPO) President, PPO Exhibition Chairman, PPO Affiliate Delegate to the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC), twice PPOC National Convention Chairman and many years as the PPOC National Accreditation Chairman. Rick received his Master’s of Photographic Arts (MPA) in 1986 and has 8 Master’s Bars to his credit.

Eva Bell MPA, HLM, Cr. Photog.(USA) – Executive Director

Eva has spent 25 years of her working life as a commercial /industrial photographer, creating images that include photographing such dignitaries as Queen Elizabeth ll and Pope John Paul ll. Eva has been active in the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) activities for over 25 years, becoming National President in 1995. She has also been PPOC National Exhibition Chair as well as the President of the Professional Photographers of Ontario. Eva was awarded the Masters of Photographic Arts (MPA) in 1990 and has 5 Master’s Bars to her credit. As a professional photographer, Eva taught photography for 11 years in the continuing education department at Humber College. Eva currently has exhibitions of her work in China and Hungary.

Don MacGregor MPA, HLM, F. M. Photog. Cr.(USA) – Director

Don is Executive Director of Image Explorations, in Victoria, British Columbia. Don is considered as one of the "Ambassadors" of Canadian Photography. His unique portrait style has earned him numerous awards both nationally and internationally. His images are helping to raise the collective standard and image of Canadian and international photography. Don is the Past President of both the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and Professional Photographers of British Columbia (PPABC). He was the founding PPOC Exhibition chairman. Don is also a Director of the International Photography Hall of Fame and a member of the PPA International Committee. Most importantly, Don has embraced the need for professional development and has been fortunate to bring his experiences, and skills at teaching to over twenty week long classes through out the United States and Canada to Image Explorations and uses those experiences to make our Canadian schools experience the best possible. Don received his Master of Photographic Arts (MPA) in 1984 and currently has 9 Master’s Bars to his credit. He has also 9 Master’s Bars with his Master of Photographic Arts with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Michael Reichmann

Michael Reichmann is the founder of the Luminous Landscape. Michael passed away in May 2016. Since its inception in 1999 LuLa has become the world's largest site devoted to the art, craft, and technology of photography. Each month more than one million people from every country on the globe visit LuLa.

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