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I am very pleased to announce today that my good friend Kevin Raber is joiningThe Luminous Landscape Inc. as our Publisher. This is a newly created position. It will involve Kevin in every aspect of the business, but he will be particularly focused on site redesign, advertising sales and expansion of our workshop and seminar activities.

Chris Sanderson, who has been with the company since its founding, continues as Producer and Director of our video content.  I will continue with primary responsibility for the site’s editorial content.  – Michael Reichmann, Editor and Founder

Press Announcement

TORONTO, May 14, 2013– Michael Reichmann, the founder of The Luminous Landscape, a leading web site and trusted source on the art of landscape, nature and documentary photography, today announced that Kevin Raber has been named its Publisher and CEO.

Formerly a US-based Vice President at Phase One/AS, Kevin Raber is the founder of the popular Phase One Digital Artist (PODAS) series workshops, modeled after the high-end all-inclusive Luminous Landscape workshops for which Kevin earlier served as an instructor.

I am thrilled to be joining Luminous Landscape and working closely with Michael who is an inspiration to many and whom I count as a close personal friend,” said Kevin Raber, Luminous Landscape CEO and Publisher. “I’m looking forward to expanding the site’s activities and resources for sharing the best in photography insights, news, information, and activities.”

Michael will continue as the driving force behind the web site, serving as its Editor-in-Chief, and with director/producer Chris Sanderson, producing training and travel videos. With Kevin taking on more of the day-to-day administrative responsibilities, Michael will have more time to devote to writing, editing, equipment reviewing and teaching.

Not only does Kevin bring more than 40 years of photography-industry experience as a businessman, but as a photographer, his work has been exhibited and published worldwide. He will be contributing his endless curiosity, passion and unbridled enthusiasm for creative photography. 

Kevin’s joining the The Luminous Landscape at this time is a critical move forward for the web site and its many industry activities,”said Michael Reichmann. “He will take charge of further developing the Luminous Landscape workshop offerings and direct advertising sales and industry relations.”


About Luminous Landscape

Founded in 1999, The Luminous Landscape is one of the oldest and largest web sites devoted to the art, craft and technology of photography. With more than one million visitors each month, Luminous Landscape serves the global photographic community with more than 4,500 free web articles on photography, produces a wide range of training videos including The Video Journal, a video magazine, now on its 20th issue. Michael is also known world-wide for his adventure photographic workshops, which have taken place in recent years in Antarctica, Iceland, The Amazon, Namibia, Botswana, Bangladesh and throughout the US and Canada.

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What is today’s news?

The Luminous Landscape, a leading web site and respected source on the art of landscape, nature and documentary photography, with more than 4,500 pages of articles, tutorials, product reviews and photographs, has named Kevin Raber as Publisher and CEO. Kevin will be acquiring an equity position in the company. 

Kevin Raber, was founder of the Phase One Digital Artist (PODAS) series workshops, and was formerly a vice president at Phase One/AS.  

Who is Kevin Raber?

Kevin is an entrepreneurial photography-industry business executive with more than 40 years of photography-industry experience — in all its various aspects. He is also a long-time personal friend of Michael Reichmann, the founder of the Luminous Landscape. Kevin’s passion for photography led to his creating the popular PODAS series workshops which he has led for the past five years, and his photography has been exhibited and published worldwide.

What will be Kevin and Michael’s respective roles? How will they work together?

Kevin will assume the role of publisher and CEO as he focuses on strengthening the site’s infrastructure, developing new resources, and contributing to the ongoing work of the web site, including contributing article ideas and helping to develop new workshops and training programs.

Michael will continue as the driving force behind the web site, serving as its Editor-in-Chief, and, along with director/producer Chris Sanderson, producing training and travel videos. Being freed of many of the day-to-day administrative responsibilities for the site will permit Michael the time for additional research and writing projects. 

Luminous Landscape has often reported favorably on Phase One products; now that Kevin is taking on the role of CEO, won’t there be a conflict of interest?

Kevin Raber has resigned his position at Phase One and has no conflicting business interests. In fact, while Kevin does use Phase One gear, like many professional photographers and Luminous Landscape readers, he also owns and uses gear from other manufacturers. Kevin’s primary focus, like Michael’s, is on the art and the science of photography and on helping educate, inform, and inspire people who love photography as much as they do.

What will happen to the PODAS workshops? Will Luminous Landscape be involved in their future development?

PODAS workshops are owned and operated by Phase One. The Luminous Landscape will continue to conduct its own branded workshops as well as facilitate PODAS  workshops on a non-exclusive basis.

What changes can we expect on the site?

While it is not commenting on specific future changes, the company has been developing a number of innovative new products and will be announcing these during the second half of 2013.  

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May 14, 2013