One of the joys of the Leica M series has always been how well it feels in the hand and how the controls quickly become second nature.

In the days of film cameras only, even the wind lever was an integral part of the camera, and most photographers used the wind lever in its open position for better camera grip.

The digital versions of the M Leica do not have a wind lever, so the camera grip became less secure. Leica introduced an “M Grip”, but frankly, I never liked that product.

Shortly after I purchased an M9, I came across a company called match Technical Services.

match Technical Servicesdesigns, develops and produces photographic accessories for the Leica M rangefinder – with particular emphasis on the digital models (Leica M8, M8-2, and M9).

The first product that caught my attention was their Thumbs Up accessory for better grip. I purchased the device, and I can endorse it with no reservations. It does an absolutely superb job in terms of improving the grip on an M camera. I could not live without it at this point.

I have also been using their eyecups as well as their soft shutter release accessories. The Bug is my favorite.

I would encourage Leica digital M users to try out these accessories. They are extremely well made and definitely do the job.

May, 2010