Luminous Landscape Fellowship & Award

Many creative fields offer educational endowments, project grants, sabaticals, and other forms of funding so that authors, musicians, and artists can pursue special projects or educational opportunities. There has been little of such support available until now for creative photographers on a worldwide basis.

The Luminous Landscape Endowment Fundhas been created to address this shortcoming. The sole purpose of this not-for-profit foundation will be to provide a source of otherwise unavailable financial assistance to creative photographers. This funding may be used to pursue a special project, further formal education, finance project related travel, or for photographers to mount an exbibition or show. Almost any worthwhile project associated with fine art photography will be considered.


Source of Funds

TheLuminous Landscape Endowmentwill initially be funded by Michael Reichmann, Chris Sanderson and Jeff Schewe, who will be donating 15% of all revenue from the sale of their new major download tutorial –From Camera to Print. This 6 hour and 40 minute educational video offers a comprehensive video seminar on almost every aspect of fine art printing. The download costs $30. Of this $5 from each sale will be contributed to the Endowment Fund.

This means that when you purchaseFrom Camera to Printyou are also making a $5 donation to the non-profit fund, which will then go toward creating grants for photographers to puruse their projects.

Here’s the math as we currently see it. This site enjoys visits by almost 1 million photographers a month. If just 1 out of every 10 of you were to support this project over the next year by purchasingFrom Camera to Printfor $30, your automatic $5 donation would create an endowment fund with half a million dollars. Maybe it’s wishful thinking that we could get 10% of our readers to support this undertaking, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if they did? Imagine the amazing photographic projects that this money could support.Maybe one of them could be yours!

More realisticly, if 10,000 people purchase and downloadFrom Camera to Printduring the first few months, then the fund will have been seeded with $50,000. Not a bad start, and enough to get the project off the ground. That’s our goal, and we wll keep you informed of our progress.

Our committment to you is that the funds placed into the Foundation will, to the greatest extent possible, be devoted to finacing photographer’s projects. Only administrative costs will be deducted, such as legal and accounting expenses. We anticipate that not more than 5-10% of all moneys will go toward administration with more than 90% going toward photographers and their proposed activities.


Doner Recognition

By purchasing theFrom Camera to Printvideo tutorial you will automatically be making a donation of $5 to the Endowment Fund. We will add your name to the doner list (listing optional) which will appear online here. This will publically recognize your contribution.

But, because we want to ensure that this project gets launched successfully, Michael Reichmann is donating aFree Antarctic Workshopto one person whose name will be selected at random from those people who have purchasedFrom Camera to Printprior to December 31, 2007, and thus who will have automatically also become a doner to the Endowment Fund.

This workshop will be worth as much as $20,000, and includes airfare from anywhere in the world to Ashuaia, Argentina, which is where the 14 day January 2008 expedition to the Antarctic penninsula departs. (More details on the upcoming January, 2008 Antarctic Expedition coming soon).


The Selection Panel

The Luminous Landscape Endowment Fundwill be established as a not-for-profit foundation. It will call for proposals for funding from photographers worldwide. Funding submissions will be considered by a panel of judges, which will consist of some of the world’s leading photographers and photographic educators. The compostition of the panel will be announced in the near future, as will various details regarding submission guidelines.


The Future

Before anyhting else happens we need to get enough money into the fund to ensure its success and long-term viability. Purchases ofFrom Camera to Printare what will launch the Foundation. In the months and years aheadThe Luminous Landscapeintends to contribute monies from future video tutorials as well to help grow the funding available for supporting worthwhile photographic projects in future.

Help us grow – today!Purchase theFrom Camera to Printvideo tutorial and make your contribution. Remember, 15% of the $30 cost of the download will be given to the Endowment Fund, and any photographer, from anywhere in the world will be able to apply for a grant, for any worthy photographic project.

Make It Happen – Now!

Michael Reichmann – August, 2007